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Hello, my name is Lorraine. Growing up I was always that lost little soul who didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. Sure, I had passions to become a veterinary nurse and become the next Dr Dolittle but I could never really see myself in the future as this person. Secretly, and maybe not so secret to family members such as my cousin Lisa or my mum who knew and saw me as I would dream of the fantasy family I would one day have. I'd flick through every single page of the Argos book picking out every inch of my one day dream house  from the tiny details like the kettle, toilet brush and light fittings. My favourite part was always picking out the rooms for my 'one day' children. You see, even from a very young age I had this longing to become a mother, a wife, and be a family orientated women way before any passions for a career came to thought.

I noticed a boy named Reese six years ago that kept making himself known to me in a club while out with friends; he will tell you differently and say I was obsessed with him but we both know the honest truth in that he was totally after me. Fast forward six years and I'm sat next to a man who I adore beyond words but do admit to not letting him know that fact anywhere near as much as I probably should.

We had that young whirlwind relationship going completely backwards if you compare it to the 'traditional way'. We fell in love fast and wanted full commitment right from the beginning but he didn't put a ring on my finger... instead we made the decision to have a child. We had a very little wait before we saw those two lines just the following month. It was then that I felt a pang in my heart shouting out to me that this; being a mum is what I was meant to do. 

Unfortunately, we lost that pregnancy at 5+ weeks. I was utterly crushed and that was a time in which I entered a very dark and isolated part of my life. We didn't give up regardless of the doubts that came up now and then. We stuck with our decision to become parents when lone behold another test, another two red lines. We saw my belly grow, I experienced morning sickness daily and, it all seemed to be really happening this time. At my 13 week scan a picture flashed up on the screen that's never left my mind to this day. The baby had passed away and I had had a missed miscarriage which resulted in a D&C procedure. My naive fantasy of having a family seemed so much like a distant dream that would never become a reality. 

I moved in with Reese and we were starting to prepare for our first Christmas together. Life just carried on going really but so did trying to conceive. We saw another set of two lines. Of course the excitement was there but I had a barrier up ready to protect myself should it turn out to be a sad outcome again. Instead, on the 14/07/2014 a rainbow was born. A beautiful little girl that we'd longed for all this time. We named her Penelope and she became our absolute world right from the moment we laid eyes on her. It was then I started this blog to capture her life and hold onto every memory that I possibly could.

Our delicate newborn soon grew into a feisty independent 3 year old who seems to think she runs the world around her. If we're completely honest with ourselves. Penelope does infact rule the household and has myself and Reese wrapped around her little finger. 

We spent her first year of life in our flat before moving into our three bedroom home here in Bedfordshire. It was bitter sweet leaving our first home, the place we brought our baby home and made our first family memories in. Yet here we are today making dozens more with plenty of plans about to take place to turn our house into what will be a dream house in the coming months. 

That isn't the only exciting plans that we have upcoming as we are delighted to say we are currently expecting baby number two. We know the gender of this little bundle but are yet to announce it, all will be revealed soon. Our family is growing and is set to become a family of four. Lifes journey is full of exciting things ahead and I can't wait to share it with you all.

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