Pregnant: 5 Week Update!

Over the past week things have started to sink in. I've download all the pregnancy apps I can get my hands on and have been non stop trailing through them all so I can see exactly whats happening inside my body. I so enjoy checking in everyday.

Not only has it sunk in that I'm pregnant but the realisation on just how delicate a time we are in has too, we seem to have come to 5 weeks pregnant really quickly and for us this stage is a dangerous time as we have had two losses around these weeks. I have been trying to stay positive and upbeat but I feel like I'm being pulled from side to side from fear and joy. It's cruel really.

I began taking 75mg of soluble Aspirin daily in the mornings in hopes to keep things trucking on. I was expecting a vile taste but actually it tastes like absolutely nothing so its no trouble to drink down at all. I feel good taking it as it feels like I'm doing all I can to give the baby a chance to be successful. It can't do any harm in trying so I don't see why not.

I had to change doctors this week too! I;m not sure if I updated my blog on the issues we had with our last one but basically he shouted at Penelope and spoke very rudely to me on our last visit and I vowed not to go back there. When I discovered I was pregnant this time, one of my first priorities this time was to change GP. We found a great one and I managed to get a doctors appointment for Wednesday next week, the 17th May to see their midwife. I'm really pleased about that as it feels good to get the ball rolling.

The last week my hormones have come in by storm and I've been crying an awful lot over the most silly of things. One occasion I started crying and couldn't even stop myself. I was completely over the actual issue that made me well up but my hormones kept the tears on coming. It was quite funny!

My boobs have continuous been feeling full and tender to the point I'm saying 'Ouch' an awful lot. Only today when I turnt 5 weeks exactly I woke up to not even an pang of pain in my boobs. This concerns me as the last time I woke up symptomless I began bleeding the same day. I'm pretty uptight today due to worrying this may have the same outcome. I am forcing a smile on and trying to ignore the worries somewhat because I know stress isn't good for the pregnancy so I guess I'm trying to trick myself into making sure my body has no knowledge of my concerns.

Cramping has still been present a fair bit but I'm telling myself it's 'good cramping' and that's what I am going with. It feels like sharp pulling and twinges in my tummy. Which I've read is possibly implantation cramping so fingers crossed.

We told a few people like our parents, and I have been having such lovely support from a few Channel Mum friends also. Reactions were mixed again as always but I shouldn't have expected anything less. I have to just accept that and continue to remember this is a decision me and Reese have made and we are completely content on our choices.

Deciding not to tell Penny still stands to us as the correct choice until we get further along in the pregnancy but we did sneakily ask her if she 'would like' a baby brother or sister and she replied with 'baby sister' which I thought was super sweet. To end that conversation before it got awkward I just said 'Oh well maybe one day' and she took no further interest.

I think that's it for this weeks update. It feels like a really down in the dumps post but this is just honestly how I'm feeling. For me this is the scariest week or two just coming up because each day that I get closer to getting through weeks 5-6 the better. Each day will feel like an accomplishment, I'll go to bed and fist pumping the air. It's a step closer out of the danger zone. I am hoping to push for an early scan so fingers crossed we can check if everything looks to be measuring on track.

The video of my 5 week pregnancy update can be viewed by clicking here

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