Do YOU have a landline? (Home Phone)

Hopefully you've read the title of this post; I want you to answer the question in your head with a simple yes or no answer. Do you have a landline in your home? Don't give yourself anything else to think about other than a straight forward answer. You may wonder why I ask such a random question? The reason will either already be a precaution of yours or it will be something you didn't ever think about until this post. I'm doing this post for those people, I was one of them too...so let me explain what I'm rambling on about here.

I was laying in bed a few nights ago just about to drift off into the land of nod, when suddenly I woke up in a panic remembering I hadn't set my alarm for the following morning:- I always set an alarm regardless of my plans the next day, am I the only one who does that? I was alone as Reese was away and not getting home until very late that night. As I picked up my phone I realised the battery was dead. A thought plummeted into my head, one I'd never thought about before now. I have no house phone and I repeated to myself 'I am alone'. How do I get help in an emergency? Then began the over thinking mum panic...
In a case of emergency : 
How long would it take my phone to turn back on after a dead battery?

What if I've misplaced my phone? In a panic there is NO time to be searching around the house. I know me personally I loose my phone three times daily, at least. Even if the case is luminous green.

What if something terrible happened to Penelope in the time my phone was out of battery? 

Would I run to the neighbours house? Then that brings the risk of leaving Penelope alone when I could be giving CPR or other such aids. Are they even going to be IN!? There's no sure answer.

Should I run into the street and scream? I hear screams outside my house a fair lot and never have I gone to the window or door to see whats going on. I'm usually cooking dinner with a toddler round my ankles so it'd be inconvenient for me. If I don't go to check, who's to say anyone would answer my screams.

Having a landline 

If you had a non wireless house phone there would be no risk of misplacing it, or it running out of battery. That is if you had one that WAS NOT a wireless handset. Otherwise you can still loose the darn thing or it would run out of battery from being off charge. It defeats the entire concept of my message.

It is easier to call 999 as you simply have to pick up the handset and the dial tone will begin ready for you to dial. With a mobile phone what child would be able to unlock your mobile phone? The password option is enabled and they don't know the code. If they miraculously get passed that stage then it's the matter of finding the dial option on the phone and ringing 999 for the emergency. I know no young child would be able to work that out quick enough to save my life or if at all.

If you used a non wireless home phone that plugs straight into the phone line a child of a much younger age can begin to learn to basic steps of learning to call for help. I'm sure you've seen the videos on Facebook of tiny three year old girls saving their mothers lives by calling 999.

So this leads me to ask. Why do we not have non wireless landlines in place inside our homes as a standard emergency precaution?  Yes you might get spam calls, yes it costs a fee but if the time ever arouse where you or your loved ones needed to be saved. It'd be worth it, right?

Something to think about perhaps? I know after that night, the very next day we went straight out looking for home phones. 

Let me know what you think?

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