Pregnant: 5 Week Update!

Over the past week things have started to sink in. I've download all the pregnancy apps I can get my hands on and have been non stop trailing through them all so I can see exactly whats happening inside my body. I so enjoy checking in everyday.

Not only has it sunk in that I'm pregnant but the realisation on just how delicate a time we are in has too, we seem to have come to 5 weeks pregnant really quickly and for us this stage is a dangerous time as we have had two losses around these weeks. I have been trying to stay positive and upbeat but I feel like I'm being pulled from side to side from fear and joy. It's cruel really.

I began taking 75mg of soluble Aspirin daily in the mornings in hopes to keep things trucking on. I was expecting a vile taste but actually it tastes like absolutely nothing so its no trouble to drink down at all. I feel good taking it as it feels like I'm doing all I can to give the baby a chance to be successful. It can't do any harm in trying so I don't see why not.

I had to change doctors this week too! I;m not sure if I updated my blog on the issues we had with our last one but basically he shouted at Penelope and spoke very rudely to me on our last visit and I vowed not to go back there. When I discovered I was pregnant this time, one of my first priorities this time was to change GP. We found a great one and I managed to get a doctors appointment for Wednesday next week, the 17th May to see their midwife. I'm really pleased about that as it feels good to get the ball rolling.

The last week my hormones have come in by storm and I've been crying an awful lot over the most silly of things. One occasion I started crying and couldn't even stop myself. I was completely over the actual issue that made me well up but my hormones kept the tears on coming. It was quite funny!

My boobs have continuous been feeling full and tender to the point I'm saying 'Ouch' an awful lot. Only today when I turnt 5 weeks exactly I woke up to not even an pang of pain in my boobs. This concerns me as the last time I woke up symptomless I began bleeding the same day. I'm pretty uptight today due to worrying this may have the same outcome. I am forcing a smile on and trying to ignore the worries somewhat because I know stress isn't good for the pregnancy so I guess I'm trying to trick myself into making sure my body has no knowledge of my concerns.

Cramping has still been present a fair bit but I'm telling myself it's 'good cramping' and that's what I am going with. It feels like sharp pulling and twinges in my tummy. Which I've read is possibly implantation cramping so fingers crossed.

We told a few people like our parents, and I have been having such lovely support from a few Channel Mum friends also. Reactions were mixed again as always but I shouldn't have expected anything less. I have to just accept that and continue to remember this is a decision me and Reese have made and we are completely content on our choices.

Deciding not to tell Penny still stands to us as the correct choice until we get further along in the pregnancy but we did sneakily ask her if she 'would like' a baby brother or sister and she replied with 'baby sister' which I thought was super sweet. To end that conversation before it got awkward I just said 'Oh well maybe one day' and she took no further interest.

I think that's it for this weeks update. It feels like a really down in the dumps post but this is just honestly how I'm feeling. For me this is the scariest week or two just coming up because each day that I get closer to getting through weeks 5-6 the better. Each day will feel like an accomplishment, I'll go to bed and fist pumping the air. It's a step closer out of the danger zone. I am hoping to push for an early scan so fingers crossed we can check if everything looks to be measuring on track.

The video of my 5 week pregnancy update can be viewed by clicking here


I'm Pregnant! Hold on Popcorn, Hold on...

This blog holds my entire pregnancy history, if you've been a reader from the very beginning of Babyy Pebbles you will be aware of this already but if not I'll share a quick insight into what we've been through. I've had quite a journey trying to get the family of my dreams, it wasn't the fairy tale I always imagined that is for sure. We had an early miscarriage at 5+ weeks, a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks, a full term pregnancy leading to a very healthy baby girl named Penelope then unfortunately another loss at 5-6 weeks pregnant when Penelope was around 6 months old.

I'm not sure where this little quirk comes from but between myself and Reese for some reason we have a naming thing about the letter 'P'. You see with each pregnancy we've had, each baby has a name all starting with the letter P. Even our dogs named Pippin!? Perhaps we have an issue of some sort there but that's another blog post haha.

Pregnancy 1 - Pippie
Pregnancy 2 - Peach
Pregnancy 3 - Pebbles (Then named Penelope once we realised this would be a baby to keep finally)
Pregnancy 4 - Pickle

Today I'm announcing my fifth pregnancy. Pregnancy 5 - Popcorn. This was completely Reeses choice of name. I'll be honest I wasn't overly keen on it at first. I wasn't sure it suited but then I had a lovely thought...We have two little guinea pigs in our home and when guinea pigs are happy they start jumping and twitching all over the place. It's called popcorning. Suddenly I got emotional because to me Popcorn means happiness and that's exactly what our little tomato seed has brought us. Myself and Reese are completely over the moon so it suits just perfectly infact.

I'm currently writing this at 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant so it's all still very much sinking in, we only found out on the 4th May. The excitement is definitely there, oh is it there! BUT creeping up closely behind it is the anxious gut wrenching dread that something will go wrong and all this excitement and joy will be ripped away from us all to soon. Each time I need a wee I instantly have to battle away the fears of seeing blood on a tissue. I can't shake those feelings after all we've experienced with pregnancy, nobody would expect me to feel any different either I would expect. We can't just fully enjoy it like some people can.

I keep telling myself in my head and outloud that "everything is going to be okay, my body is strong enough and it will take care of our little one". I ask little popcorn to "keep holding on, just keep holding on". It's something I need to do for myself more than anything because thinking positive I feel will give us the best chance of a successful pregnancy. I can atleast try to convince my body that it can do this full term thing again can't I? If we do loose this baby I know I can say I really tried to do my best to help all I can.

I would absolutely love to bring this little baby into our family because we so have the space in our hearts to do so, we have all the love it will ever want/need right out here waiting for it. I'm praying every minute of everyday that we can keep Popcorn, that he/she will grow and keep growing and continue to thrive inside me until I can hold them in my arms like I did their sister almost three quick years ago.

I'm pregnant, I took a test or infact quite a few and this is so real! We are back hoping for another rainbow, and only time will tell if we can keep you Popcorn but for now I'm going to soak up every minute I can spend connected with you because every single moment is a honestly blessing.

The video of my live pregnancy test results. I was pretty emotional Click Here


Do YOU have a landline? (Home Phone)

Hopefully you've read the title of this post; I want you to answer the question in your head with a simple yes or no answer. Do you have a landline in your home? Don't give yourself anything else to think about other than a straight forward answer. You may wonder why I ask such a random question? The reason will either already be a precaution of yours or it will be something you didn't ever think about until this post. I'm doing this post for those people, I was one of them too...so let me explain what I'm rambling on about here.

I was laying in bed a few nights ago just about to drift off into the land of nod, when suddenly I woke up in a panic remembering I hadn't set my alarm for the following morning:- I always set an alarm regardless of my plans the next day, am I the only one who does that? I was alone as Reese was away and not getting home until very late that night. As I picked up my phone I realised the battery was dead. A thought plummeted into my head, one I'd never thought about before now. I have no house phone and I repeated to myself 'I am alone'. How do I get help in an emergency? Then began the over thinking mum panic...
In a case of emergency : 
How long would it take my phone to turn back on after a dead battery?

What if I've misplaced my phone? In a panic there is NO time to be searching around the house. I know me personally I loose my phone three times daily, at least. Even if the case is luminous green.

What if something terrible happened to Penelope in the time my phone was out of battery? 

Would I run to the neighbours house? Then that brings the risk of leaving Penelope alone when I could be giving CPR or other such aids. Are they even going to be IN!? There's no sure answer.

Should I run into the street and scream? I hear screams outside my house a fair lot and never have I gone to the window or door to see whats going on. I'm usually cooking dinner with a toddler round my ankles so it'd be inconvenient for me. If I don't go to check, who's to say anyone would answer my screams.

Having a landline 

If you had a non wireless house phone there would be no risk of misplacing it, or it running out of battery. That is if you had one that WAS NOT a wireless handset. Otherwise you can still loose the darn thing or it would run out of battery from being off charge. It defeats the entire concept of my message.

It is easier to call 999 as you simply have to pick up the handset and the dial tone will begin ready for you to dial. With a mobile phone what child would be able to unlock your mobile phone? The password option is enabled and they don't know the code. If they miraculously get passed that stage then it's the matter of finding the dial option on the phone and ringing 999 for the emergency. I know no young child would be able to work that out quick enough to save my life or if at all.

If you used a non wireless home phone that plugs straight into the phone line a child of a much younger age can begin to learn to basic steps of learning to call for help. I'm sure you've seen the videos on Facebook of tiny three year old girls saving their mothers lives by calling 999.

So this leads me to ask. Why do we not have non wireless landlines in place inside our homes as a standard emergency precaution?  Yes you might get spam calls, yes it costs a fee but if the time ever arouse where you or your loved ones needed to be saved. It'd be worth it, right?

Something to think about perhaps? I know after that night, the very next day we went straight out looking for home phones. 

Let me know what you think?

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Review: Wicked Uncle

Where I live there used to be a whole range of shops you could visit to buy childrens toys; Mothercare and the Early Learning Centre just to name a couple. For some reason they've disappeared over the last few years near me and have been replaced by other shops. This means come Birthdays, Christmas, and days where I just want to treat Penelope I can't find anywhere to browse. 

We were kindly gifted £40 to purchase some toys for Penelope from the lovely team over at Wicked Uncle. I'm sure you've heard of them as they are taking over the online toy world by storm. 

The selection of toys available aren't your usual toys that you see being advertised on tv. Instead they stock a ton of wooden toys. I have to say I have a real love for these. I am always drawn to them. All of their toys are really intriguing and while browsing you just get this 'I want to buy it all' feeling. You don't appreciate having a house of Paw Patrol or Teletubbie merchandise, it is quite nice to have something a little more bespoke and special.

With our £40  we decided to get a beautiful show horse stable. You get 8 great quality horses all of a different breed, which makes for great teaching purposes as they get older. Each of the horses gets its own stall. Above each stall you can personalise the sticker labels that come with it and pick a name for each horse. I let penny choose the names and we had a real giggle coming up with them.

The next toy we went for was the Nutty Squirrel Wooden Balancing game. The point behind the game is to balance as many acorns on the squirrels back as you can before Nutty falls. Now, I can't deny the fact that I was really excited to play this game too, as I am a big kid at heart and balancing games are a secret joy of mine. I knew Penny would love it too of course, so we snapped that up.

Wicked Uncle divide their toys up into categories like 'Outdoorsy', 'Creativity', 'Fashion & Style'. They actually have 13 different categories for you to explore so whatever your little one is into there is surely a special place for you to find all the things they would love.

You can make things even easier for yourself by selecting the gender and age of the child that you wish to shop for. I really liked the fact that the website really tailored to my wants and needs by having a well organised easy structure.

The ordering part was super simple. Now when it comes to online shopping the worst part for me is the checkout stage and that's not because I have to part with my money but more the fact that some sites just over complicate the whole process. Wicked Uncle however kept it really sleek and simple making it no hassle at all to pay. They did have a handy little add on suggestion section when at the checkout almost like they do in shops. You know when you get to the cashier and they have chewing gum or confectionary waiting there for you to quickly add in to your shopping? They have something similar on the go which I thought was quite clever and a very good idea because they really do work.

Another handy service that stuck out to me at the check out was the offer to gift wrap my items but not only that! You could actually select the design of wrapping paper you wanted. I thought it was such a lovely touch, it makes it even more special for the child. Details!! It's all about those little details for me.

I was a very happy customer, my child was very happy with her toys  and so,  for us it was a very good experience and I look forward to ordering more wonderful toys from the Wicked Uncle website.

*I was gifted 40 pounds to choose some toys in exchange for a honest review for Wicked Uncle. All opinions are completely my won.
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