Does your child love watching those surprise egg youtube videos? Yes, mine too. I don't get the fascination myself but my Penelope is going crazy to watch them by any means she can. My laptop, phone, ipad and even on the television. You name it she has used it to get her egg fix. I don't mind the fact she has got into watching something she enjoys but what drives me up the bend is hearing it constantly. There's only so many songs you can take before it drives you to the point of loosing your mind. I was boarding that line. My phone is my best friend you can imagine that right...but I was beginning to enjoy the thought of throwing it out of the window. 

A lovely lady called Lily got in touch with me to see if we would be interested in reviewing the EASYSMX kid safe on ear headphones for children. I jumped at the chance as this is a product I've been thinking of purchasing for some time now, I know all you parents out there are going to love these so I'm really excited to share this product with you!

Meet these beauties! Pennys little face lite up like a light when she opened them. They come brilliantly packaged all sealed very well. I've actually kept the box to store them in when not being used at home just to keep them safe, okay yes more for the fact the packaging is really cute too.

One of the first points I want to mention is that these headphones are completely safe for a childs hearing. They are volume limited so can only reach a safe maximum which is 93DB so they do not damage your childs hearing in any way. I found this put my mind at ease so much when letting her use them.

Your second concern is maybe the fact your toddler might accidentally snap them because hey kids break things sometimes on a daily basis, but don't worry the head band is made from high quality polycarbonate which is super flexible you can twist it and turn it and it does not break. Perfect for super strong toddler hands.

My third concern would be that I'd want the headphones to be comfortable on my childs delicate ears, but EasySMX have this in the bag too as the ear pads are made from soft cushioned leather, oh what luxury for such little people hey.

Finally my forth concern is the obvious one, will they fit? Penelope is two years old. The product is suggested to be for 3+ but Penelope has had no trouble with them slipping off or anything like that. There is plenty of extending space to use as she grows. I gave them a quick try on myself and they even fit my head. I was able to check out the sound quality aswell which was really clear, even with the volume limitation its at a very nice level so you can hear it perfectly.

We go on holiday in a few days and for parts of the car journey we are bringing these headphones along with us to drown out those blasted childrens songs and let Penelope happily watch her videos in peace, safely which is the main thing here.

If you don't have a little girl they also do a blue and yellow version which is super stylish for any boys you may need some for. If they are into gaming these would be perfect.

If you want to grab your children this product then go on over to EasySMX Childrens Headphones they are available on Amazon now for just £11.99, what a bargin. Your saving a huge £30.00 as usually they retail for £41.99. I couldn't recommend them enough.

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