Hi all, how you doing? I was thinking of sharing more of our weeks with you by starting to do something rather new. I'll be selecting a few of my favourite photos that best describe our week each week and posting them on my blog WITHOUT any description or even an explanation as to what went on. It's up to YOU to guess and interpret them how you choose by letting me know in the comments below. Anyone who gets it pretty close I'll be giving shout outs on Twitter via @babyypebbles so when you comment leave your Twitter handle too and I could be in touch.

The following week ill do a brief summary to explain how our week went and will follow with some new pictures for you to guess our next weeks summery. 

Its all for abit of fun, lets see how it goes. If not it'll be nice for me to look back on these photos anyway but i'd much rather you played along... ;)

Are you thinking about it? Leave you comments below and don't forget your Twitter handle.

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