What is Daddys Job? *In Partnership with Warehouse Storage Solutions

This post is one of two in a series I am creating for Penelope. For her to be able to look back on once she is old enough. I thought it would be wonderful for her to know what her parents did for jobs and why we did them when she was small. Today I'm going to be starting with daddy.

Reese works in a storage solutions company, I wont be disclosing which company specifically in this post as a result of confidentiality. I am working in partnership with a company called 'Ware House Storage Solutions' for the purposes of this post that I can use to explain in further details what the job involves and how you can maximise your businesses storage space by using such a company.

Warehouse Storage Solutions is a leading supplier to the UK storage industry. They carry out a full storage diagnostic check on a businesses current storage situation and evaluate how they can maximise their full storage capacity. They have been running for over 20 years working with an impressive history of clientele such as Morrisions, Land Registry and Samuel Grant.

They offer a wide range of services to their customers, here are just a few for example in which they provide;

- Standard Pallet Racking
- Mezzanine Flooring
- Drive In Pallet Racking
- Partitioning
- Rack and Storage Accessories

You can find out more about their other services here on their About Warehouse Storage Solutions page.

I'm going to go into a little more depth of one of the services they provide to explain just what it is and whats involved in it. I'm going to be talking about Mezzanine Flooring, a really popular service that is used by many clients as it is the most cost effective solution. You can actually double your space by installing the Mezzanine flooring without even having to move or relocate anything already standing. They are used for all sorts of reasons such as office space, production, distribution, even environments that use these floors for heavy loads.

Warehouse Storage Solutions provide this service to clients all over the UK and have successfully provided and built thousands of these floors. They are designed specifically to the clients needs meeting their exact requirements. Find out more about Mezzanine.

So Penelope reading this you can know your daddys job is an interesting one in which he works all over the UK. The storage industry provides a very necessary and useful trade that is a must in todays growing society.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Its always interesting finding out what we all do for jobs. What are your jobs in your household? You can find out next week what I do...

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