Wendover Woods - The Stick Man Trail

Today we went out for the day with my cousin and her two boys, we've been hanging out with them lately which has been SO nice as the kids are really getting along. Its nice to seeing them starting to play together. The week before now we went to the Leighton Buzzard splash park which was so much fun, we decided while there that we would meet up this Monday and head to the woods for another lovely day out.

I'd never visited Wendover Woods before, why that is I have no idea as its such a fantastic place to come kids or no kids. Arriving we drove past the car park which was jam packed and we ended up heading for the overflow car park. Its obviously a popular place to visit with it being so busy. The great thing about it was it didn't 'feel' busy, if anything it still felt very calm and peaceful considering the amount of people that would have been there.

The first thing we did was head over to the wide spread park, huge it was and covered a wide area in the woods with picnic benches in between. On route to the swings Penelope collected every stick she went by, that was fine until she reached one that was bordering on being called a 'log' for obvious reasons, its was as big as her near enough. Never mind that she still carried it around for a good while.

Sticks aside, she was completely stoked to be there, she was breathing deeply, hyperventilating a little even. "Breathe" I said. I take it she was excited. You'd think she had never left the house, I can honestly say she does get out and does socialise with humanity. We had miles of fun in the park, obstacles, slides, swings, and tons more. 

The swings were hilarious, Karinas boys were kicking off their wellies having such fun while doing it over and over, it was so cute seeing them giggle away. Boys will be boys ay! Penny was sat next to a little boy who was counting each swing as he was pushed. Penny started to join in and was counting along with him, that was until he went past 10 and she started again from 3 to 4, 7, 8, 9 and then repeat. Complete innocence. She can count to 10 but with someone counting numbers you've never heard before its rather off putting, that's my excuse anyway! ;) 

Moving further into the woods we see a little stick shelter, obviously made from Bear Grylls himself. so we decided to investigate it. Noah went straight up to it and started to pack on some leaves as you will spot in the photo, that kid would survive in the wilderness if he knows how to protect himself already at his age. His dad would be chuffed to know that.

We found some bizarre whistle stepping 'stones' too along the way, and we all had a go jumping on them to get them to make the funny noises. I must say me and Karina looked completely ridiculous doing so but the kids, they were adorable. I would like one for my garden though, a discrete way to work out and piss off the neighbours while they think its an annoying bird or something muhaha!

After pissing about on those we went in search to find a picnic table, the one we had pre-planned to settle on was rudely taken by another family who didn't take in to account our picnic needs so we had to look else where.

Anyway. we found a ginormous table that the kids could barely reach from their seats to eat our feast. The kids all ate pretty well considering the fact Penny fell off the chair after struggling to reach for her lunch due to my bad seating choices, Sorry little P, we sorted it in the end, you sat on my lap. Penny had a mouthful of sandwich which was the most I've seen her eat from a sandwich for months! Outside eating more often? I think yes.

Finally it was time for the 'Stick Man Trail', a route in which you have to follow signs guiding you through a very exciting and fun filled walkway. We looked for little signs with characters from the story. Karina had eagle eyes at this game, she seemed to spot them before anyone else. Along the way every 30 paces or so was a billboard with instructions for a game to play. All stick related of course from building stick towers, to creating our own Stickman or Stick Women to hang on the special tree. All the activities that were set out we tried and gave it our best shot.

Now considering our kids are on the younger side they did really well and all wanted to get involved. Although Penny didn't want to stop hugging the trees when we had to identify how the tree trunks felt. It was great fun though. Below is our nest we made, what do you think?

 We had an amazing day at Wendover Woods, and will be back in a heart beat to vlog our day very soon, it was so much fun letting the kiddies loose to explore their surroundings. They really did enjoy themselves. All three of them fell asleep on the way home so that says it all.

If you've been to the woods lately what was your favourite part of your day out?

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