Times are changing for Babyy Pebbles

Hi everyone, for those of you who've taken a moment to read my blog over these past two years, your'll know I've always been in and out of having writers block. I do get work from brands and even sponsored work. I'm by no means ashamed to say that as thanks to my blog I've had some money to actually spend on my little family instead of being flat out broke from bills. But...
I've never found my niche, or felt I understood what I wanted from my blog on a more personal writing matter. After another break now I do know what I want. I want to move on from Babyypebbles and have a rebrand, I want something that covers our family life & ME. I want my blog to be a place for my interests too and not just Penelopes. This blog was created for Penelope to be about Penelope. but now I feel like I need to change this some what. So in the near future I WILL be changing my label name and having a redesign. I'll keep you all updated as I go along. If you have any ideas for me let me know.
I'm changing the dynamics in which I write my posts too. I would normally write for a purpose if we had an special occasion or an exciting trip to go to. Never covering just our very normal lives. I'm going to start posting in a diary format. Just things we get up to day to day whether it be something exciting or just an at home mum day. That change will start immediately.

This entire game changer will give me more freedom to write about what I want being more about my life too and feel more of a place in which I feel a part of, before now I have felt to confined in what I can and can't write on Babyypebbles that I just haven't wanted to write. That's just not what I want.

I used to love make up, baking and homeware. I used to write reviews in an old blog back in my teens, and these days those interests have taken a back seat and I'd love to dive into the old me sometimes too. Penelope will still have all this to look back on and boy will she still be a huge part of my blog. After all she's a pretty big part of my life. Please stay with me.

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