Get Your Hands These Marks & Spencer Promo Codes

I am guilty. Guilty of not being cautious with money, spending more than I need too. If I did a little more digging to find better deals online I could save myself a fortune long term. One thing that I have never done is look for promo codes to also help me save money online. How stupid am I? I didn't know too much about them in order to know how to go about using them if I'm completely honest.

I don't understand it all so I assume its just a long winded waste of time that wont really save me money in the long run, wrong. There are websites out there designed to collect all these promo codes and to offer them to you in one easy usable place. A great example is a website called My Favourite Voucher Codes. They currently have 9540 codes live on offer to their users right now all to save YOU money.
Another great feature to their website is that they have a continuous updated log of when the site was last updated. I went to check today and its last actual update was today. So I know going on there no promo codes will be old and out of date. How annoying it would be to get to the check out on the Marks and Spencers website to then have it say it has expired!

An example of some of their top discount vouchers, deals and offers currently go to;
-Cath Kidston
- Newlook

These are all places I regularly go to, and could have saved myself money if I used the websites codes. I stumbled across a whole collection of Marks and Spencer promo codes, what a massive brand to be able to give discounts out on. I love Marks as the quality is beyond any other super market but I only go there every now and then because the Pennys do add up if you do a full shop there. With thanks to My Favourite Voucher Codes I have all of these deals and discounts for M&S to go through and save money. One of them being 20% off Processco! Hello M&S, I'll be over tomorrow, this mum would appropriate a nice glass of bubbly.

One last thing, to make things even more amazing...they even donate a huge chunk (20%) of their profits to charity, so with every voucher/promo code you use your giving to charity. I'm going to make a real effort to start saving money by using such services because why not they are available to be used so why not take advantage of that.

Do you use promo/voucher codes when you shop online? Are you a super savvy shopper? OR maybe your like me and didn't have a clue this type of saving was even available to use.

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