Penelope is really enjoying the fact she can get her colouring books and pens out if she just asks for them. As these days shes able to communicate that. While I am really loving and embracing her want to be creative...it's doing some serious damage to the house.

I turn my back for one second to turn off Cbeebies while shes distracted with colouring, but by the time I look back the radiator, door frames, walls, and windows are covered in circles, lines and
scribbles. Panic that I will never be able to remove the graffiti designed by the rebel child sets in and I run to grab everything in sight to try to remove it as soon as possible.

My second train of thought while tripping over myself into the kitchen is how the bloody hell did that much crayon/felt tip get on so many surfaces in the space it took me to turn off cbeebies!? Its absolutely crazy the speed a toddler can scribble over the house but when it comes to walking to the shop it takes 45 minutes on what should take 8 minutes there and back.

The first thing people have said to me is use crayon, not pen. Well crayon is no easier to remove from walls as 'apparent' washable markers. They are not as bloody washable as you like to think when it comes to being on painted walls I can tell you.

Regardless if shes in the middle of the room or right next to the wall, it need not matter because like I said the speed she can travel when the pens are out is mighty fast! It takes just one second.

Shall we discuss the extent in which shes leaves her skin after a drawing session sometimes too? Blimey, talking about creative, she even plans out her future 'tats' at two years old. Not that I approve in anyway, the designs shes planning seem to look like a full body sleeve and that isnt happening I can clearly put that out there.

I have learnt many lessons over the past few months since she picked up her first crayon, but there is one that I cannot always be prepared for. I have come to discover that no matter hard I may try Penny can always find pens. Its like she stashes them secretly until I least expect it. So when I turn around just before I leave the house to find the kid COVERED in blue Biro. I'm absolutely up to my eyeballs in stress, but laughing all the same because if you don't laugh it off. Your'll send yourself insane.

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