This will keep you and the kids busy over the summer holidays for sure. Get out with the children, put their shoes on and get to a forest, park or even your back garden. It's time to do some exploring. Yes kids. time to put the ipad down and start putting your green fingers to work. It'll do you the world of good.

Just a little advice though, this activity is much more enjoyable in sunny weather, but if you don't mind getting about in the rain then be my guest and pop on your wellies.

You will need:

-Sticks, bark, or thick stems
-Leaves, flowers, and any other softer materials you find
- A bucket
- Elastic bands

You've stepped into the outdoors and your thinking. 'Right kids off you go, lets see what you can find?!' No, stop now. Get out there not stopping until you get your hands and knees in the grass getting stuck in with the kids. Get involved, talk to them about what they are looking for and finding. Ask them if they think certain items would be useful to include in creating the paintbrushes. This can be educational too you know sparking all sorts of conversation and potential learning opportunities, so take advantage here.

Your'll need to look for elongated objects such as sticks or thick stems to act at the brush handle. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold onto while painting. Likewise for the bristles, your'll need to look for softer items to create a flexible brush affect. 

Once you've collected everything you think your'll need its time to tip it out onto the table and pick out what you would like to use for your brushes. For example if you have chosen four sticks your'll be making four paint brushes with those, one for each brush. Pick out the materials for the bristles next this can be a mixture of what you found or a bunch of the same leaves. Whatever you and the kids feel fits best.

When you have designed and agreed on the brushes you need to use an elastic banned to wrap the bristles onto the brush handle. Tightly as you don't want the leaves or flowers to be coming off.

After this your done, set your painting area up. Why not do it outside to avoid mess and less clean up if the weather is nice? 
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