Adding Umph To Penelopes Room

Since we first moved into our new home last year I thought I was happy with Penelope room, its white, bright and fresh but theres just something that isn't right. The problem isn't so much with the decor as white is all I would want for her room. It's the fact there isn't much else going on. The rooms biggest statement is this built in wardrobe, its so amazing for storage but does cause alot of limitation on ways I can present her bedroom.

When we first moved I bought some animal themed animal decals to go on the walls to make it feel friendly and fun for the moving transition but they were only supposed to be a short lived add on. Instead coming up to a year later they are still there and I haven't replaced them yet. I would love to get some poka dots perhaps in silver or light pink to create a feature wall.

I want those blasted IKEA shelves! The ones every bloggers child seems to have? Yes those. I want about 5 of them to go down in a column like style with all of her favourites books to go on them. Again to cover a large empty wall space but utilising it with something that will be used. Plus I just adore how these look in childrens rooms, it might even distract from the giant wardrobe of white with all its colourful glory.

Penelope has a huge giant window in her bedroom, which yes lets tons of light through, but again it looks absolutely huge for the room and limits some space I could make on the wall to look pretty. If I could alter her room in some way I would have sky lights put in for lots of light and to have blackout roof blinds put in from the company VELUX. They actually do some lovely designs my favourite being the Minnie Mouse one, as you can see from the image I've included shes a huge fan. It's subtle and really beautiful too. Definitely have a look at the Velux website to see the designs they have available.

Adding some other smaller touches like a white fluffy rug for the centre of the room would make it really cosy and comfortable looking, as well as some beautiful prints to go on the wall. I'd love to make a collage of frames and prints to go above her cot if I could I think that would really suit the style of her room.

Those are the changes I'd like to make to give Penelopes room a little Umph about it. Over the next month or so I hope to have completed most of these things.

Are you in the process of decorating or jazzing up your childrens bedroom, any tips for me?

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