I'll be embarrassed no more

This is the first post believe it or not that your not seeing images from my iphone, yep all this time I've been using shoddy images for my posts. Its so embarrassing really, for someone who's trying to be 'professional' in the way she works on her blog. Today marks a change, I have invested in a new camera for my photos, I decided to go with the Olympus Pen EL7. On first impressions I'm absolutely loving it but there's a still alot of playing to be done with the camera to understand its full settings and functions.

What I have figured out so far is that I can transfer images from the camera to my phone so I can also improve the quality of my Instagram uploads. Yippee! You can pop on over and follow me if your keen to see what I upload...babyy_pebbles its there if you want it.

My first image was going to be obvious wasn't it? My main girl, Penelope. Mind you, when I say I took my first photo, I mean that I turnt the camera on switched it to auto and took a snap of her ruining my back door and house walls with paint. Nothing fancy or remotely good for my parenting reputation but still the photos I took, I am still proud of...

 Let me know your thoughts? I see massive improvement already and that's before I've learnt anything really about photography. I cant wait to present better content for Babyy Pebbles, what an adventure.

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Wendover Woods - The Stick Man Trail

Today we went out for the day with my cousin and her two boys, we've been hanging out with them lately which has been SO nice as the kids are really getting along. Its nice to seeing them starting to play together. The week before now we went to the Leighton Buzzard splash park which was so much fun, we decided while there that we would meet up this Monday and head to the woods for another lovely day out.

I'd never visited Wendover Woods before, why that is I have no idea as its such a fantastic place to come kids or no kids. Arriving we drove past the car park which was jam packed and we ended up heading for the overflow car park. Its obviously a popular place to visit with it being so busy. The great thing about it was it didn't 'feel' busy, if anything it still felt very calm and peaceful considering the amount of people that would have been there.

The first thing we did was head over to the wide spread park, huge it was and covered a wide area in the woods with picnic benches in between. On route to the swings Penelope collected every stick she went by, that was fine until she reached one that was bordering on being called a 'log' for obvious reasons, its was as big as her near enough. Never mind that she still carried it around for a good while.

Sticks aside, she was completely stoked to be there, she was breathing deeply, hyperventilating a little even. "Breathe" I said. I take it she was excited. You'd think she had never left the house, I can honestly say she does get out and does socialise with humanity. We had miles of fun in the park, obstacles, slides, swings, and tons more. 

The swings were hilarious, Karinas boys were kicking off their wellies having such fun while doing it over and over, it was so cute seeing them giggle away. Boys will be boys ay! Penny was sat next to a little boy who was counting each swing as he was pushed. Penny started to join in and was counting along with him, that was until he went past 10 and she started again from 3 to 4, 7, 8, 9 and then repeat. Complete innocence. She can count to 10 but with someone counting numbers you've never heard before its rather off putting, that's my excuse anyway! ;) 

Moving further into the woods we see a little stick shelter, obviously made from Bear Grylls himself. so we decided to investigate it. Noah went straight up to it and started to pack on some leaves as you will spot in the photo, that kid would survive in the wilderness if he knows how to protect himself already at his age. His dad would be chuffed to know that.

We found some bizarre whistle stepping 'stones' too along the way, and we all had a go jumping on them to get them to make the funny noises. I must say me and Karina looked completely ridiculous doing so but the kids, they were adorable. I would like one for my garden though, a discrete way to work out and piss off the neighbours while they think its an annoying bird or something muhaha!

After pissing about on those we went in search to find a picnic table, the one we had pre-planned to settle on was rudely taken by another family who didn't take in to account our picnic needs so we had to look else where.

Anyway. we found a ginormous table that the kids could barely reach from their seats to eat our feast. The kids all ate pretty well considering the fact Penny fell off the chair after struggling to reach for her lunch due to my bad seating choices, Sorry little P, we sorted it in the end, you sat on my lap. Penny had a mouthful of sandwich which was the most I've seen her eat from a sandwich for months! Outside eating more often? I think yes.

Finally it was time for the 'Stick Man Trail', a route in which you have to follow signs guiding you through a very exciting and fun filled walkway. We looked for little signs with characters from the story. Karina had eagle eyes at this game, she seemed to spot them before anyone else. Along the way every 30 paces or so was a billboard with instructions for a game to play. All stick related of course from building stick towers, to creating our own Stickman or Stick Women to hang on the special tree. All the activities that were set out we tried and gave it our best shot.

Now considering our kids are on the younger side they did really well and all wanted to get involved. Although Penny didn't want to stop hugging the trees when we had to identify how the tree trunks felt. It was great fun though. Below is our nest we made, what do you think?

 We had an amazing day at Wendover Woods, and will be back in a heart beat to vlog our day very soon, it was so much fun letting the kiddies loose to explore their surroundings. They really did enjoy themselves. All three of them fell asleep on the way home so that says it all.

If you've been to the woods lately what was your favourite part of your day out?

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Mummys Found Her Love For Shopping

In two years I haven't bought myself near any clothes and I'll be completely honest, I was wearing my maternity clothes still up until not that long ago. Since Penelope was born I had pushed myself aside and put everyone before my wants and needs. The last thing on my mind was shopping for myself, it would almost make me feel guilty to spend money on myself. I thought it would make me selfish for doing so.

Only in recent months have I started to see that those thoughts were ridiculous and I should have treated myself to new clothes when I could afford too. If I wanted a pair of new shoes, I should have gone out and bought some. This month I took the plunge and did a fair bit of online shopping, because after all that time I bloody deserved it.

I'll be talking about an amazing shopping service that I KNOW your going to love. One that will convert you into loving it within just a few minutes as soon as you see just how many great brands they include on their website. Have you shopped via Love the Sales before? It's the only website that brings all the sales together from the brands that you love to shop at. Instead of trolling through each individual website you've got all them at one easy click away to browse through at your pleasure, grabbing all the greatest offers at the same time.

Here is a casual outfit I have picked out from a browse I did recently, Every item is from a different brand and all in the sales!

This top from the Ted Baker sale is completely my taste. A beautiful Scalloped Edge Lace Top that just screams 'girly' is a winner when it comes to my shopping basket. I really love this piece and would find it so easy to put it together with lots of other outfits. This top retails usually for £109 but at the moment is on sale for just £55, I would completely pay out for it as a brand such a Ted Baker they produce such great quality clothing. I've brought from them before so this is a brand I trust and would gladly purchase from.

 I chose a Maxi Skirt because I actually haven't got one yet and I've really been loving this skirt trend lately. Although black isn't exactly a summer colour, I think it would still make for cool wearing as it is very loose and flowy. This skirt would really go well with my top of choice too. This skirt retails at £69.00  from Hallhuber usually then went down to £49.00 but has been reduced yet again to just £39.00, that's amazing value.

Finally, I have these super cute Snake Print Cross Over Sandals to show you! I adore these types of sandals, I love that they are so diverse. You can pair them perfectly with a skirt like the one I picked, also with jeans, shorts, dresses, just absolutely any look. I love the leather snake print strap on the back. I think that make for an edgier look. They retail usually for £117 from HUGO but in the HUGO BOSS sale they are £78. Which I would happily pay for having the amount of wear I would get from these shoes.

Let me know what you think of Love the Sales, I'd love to know what catches your eye?! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I'd choose for my wardrobe, I'll be sure to do more posts like this soon.

*This is a collaboration via lovethesales, all opinions are completely my own.
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Get Your Hands These Marks & Spencer Promo Codes

I am guilty. Guilty of not being cautious with money, spending more than I need too. If I did a little more digging to find better deals online I could save myself a fortune long term. One thing that I have never done is look for promo codes to also help me save money online. How stupid am I? I didn't know too much about them in order to know how to go about using them if I'm completely honest.

I don't understand it all so I assume its just a long winded waste of time that wont really save me money in the long run, wrong. There are websites out there designed to collect all these promo codes and to offer them to you in one easy usable place. A great example is a website called My Favourite Voucher Codes. They currently have 9540 codes live on offer to their users right now all to save YOU money.
Another great feature to their website is that they have a continuous updated log of when the site was last updated. I went to check today and its last actual update was today. So I know going on there no promo codes will be old and out of date. How annoying it would be to get to the check out on the Marks and Spencers website to then have it say it has expired!

An example of some of their top discount vouchers, deals and offers currently go to;
-Cath Kidston
- Newlook

These are all places I regularly go to, and could have saved myself money if I used the websites codes. I stumbled across a whole collection of Marks and Spencer promo codes, what a massive brand to be able to give discounts out on. I love Marks as the quality is beyond any other super market but I only go there every now and then because the Pennys do add up if you do a full shop there. With thanks to My Favourite Voucher Codes I have all of these deals and discounts for M&S to go through and save money. One of them being 20% off Processco! Hello M&S, I'll be over tomorrow, this mum would appropriate a nice glass of bubbly.

One last thing, to make things even more amazing...they even donate a huge chunk (20%) of their profits to charity, so with every voucher/promo code you use your giving to charity. I'm going to make a real effort to start saving money by using such services because why not they are available to be used so why not take advantage of that.

Do you use promo/voucher codes when you shop online? Are you a super savvy shopper? OR maybe your like me and didn't have a clue this type of saving was even available to use.

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Adding Umph To Penelopes Room

Since we first moved into our new home last year I thought I was happy with Penelope room, its white, bright and fresh but theres just something that isn't right. The problem isn't so much with the decor as white is all I would want for her room. It's the fact there isn't much else going on. The rooms biggest statement is this built in wardrobe, its so amazing for storage but does cause alot of limitation on ways I can present her bedroom.

When we first moved I bought some animal themed animal decals to go on the walls to make it feel friendly and fun for the moving transition but they were only supposed to be a short lived add on. Instead coming up to a year later they are still there and I haven't replaced them yet. I would love to get some poka dots perhaps in silver or light pink to create a feature wall.

I want those blasted IKEA shelves! The ones every bloggers child seems to have? Yes those. I want about 5 of them to go down in a column like style with all of her favourites books to go on them. Again to cover a large empty wall space but utilising it with something that will be used. Plus I just adore how these look in childrens rooms, it might even distract from the giant wardrobe of white with all its colourful glory.

Penelope has a huge giant window in her bedroom, which yes lets tons of light through, but again it looks absolutely huge for the room and limits some space I could make on the wall to look pretty. If I could alter her room in some way I would have sky lights put in for lots of light and to have blackout roof blinds put in from the company VELUX. They actually do some lovely designs my favourite being the Minnie Mouse one, as you can see from the image I've included shes a huge fan. It's subtle and really beautiful too. Definitely have a look at the Velux website to see the designs they have available.

Adding some other smaller touches like a white fluffy rug for the centre of the room would make it really cosy and comfortable looking, as well as some beautiful prints to go on the wall. I'd love to make a collage of frames and prints to go above her cot if I could I think that would really suit the style of her room.

Those are the changes I'd like to make to give Penelopes room a little Umph about it. Over the next month or so I hope to have completed most of these things.

Are you in the process of decorating or jazzing up your childrens bedroom, any tips for me?

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*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions written are all my own. 



This will keep you and the kids busy over the summer holidays for sure. Get out with the children, put their shoes on and get to a forest, park or even your back garden. It's time to do some exploring. Yes kids. time to put the ipad down and start putting your green fingers to work. It'll do you the world of good.

Just a little advice though, this activity is much more enjoyable in sunny weather, but if you don't mind getting about in the rain then be my guest and pop on your wellies.

You will need:

-Sticks, bark, or thick stems
-Leaves, flowers, and any other softer materials you find
- A bucket
- Elastic bands

You've stepped into the outdoors and your thinking. 'Right kids off you go, lets see what you can find?!' No, stop now. Get out there not stopping until you get your hands and knees in the grass getting stuck in with the kids. Get involved, talk to them about what they are looking for and finding. Ask them if they think certain items would be useful to include in creating the paintbrushes. This can be educational too you know sparking all sorts of conversation and potential learning opportunities, so take advantage here.

Your'll need to look for elongated objects such as sticks or thick stems to act at the brush handle. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold onto while painting. Likewise for the bristles, your'll need to look for softer items to create a flexible brush affect. 

Once you've collected everything you think your'll need its time to tip it out onto the table and pick out what you would like to use for your brushes. For example if you have chosen four sticks your'll be making four paint brushes with those, one for each brush. Pick out the materials for the bristles next this can be a mixture of what you found or a bunch of the same leaves. Whatever you and the kids feel fits best.

When you have designed and agreed on the brushes you need to use an elastic banned to wrap the bristles onto the brush handle. Tightly as you don't want the leaves or flowers to be coming off.

After this your done, set your painting area up. Why not do it outside to avoid mess and less clean up if the weather is nice? 
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Penelope is really enjoying the fact she can get her colouring books and pens out if she just asks for them. As these days shes able to communicate that. While I am really loving and embracing her want to be creative...it's doing some serious damage to the house.

I turn my back for one second to turn off Cbeebies while shes distracted with colouring, but by the time I look back the radiator, door frames, walls, and windows are covered in circles, lines and
scribbles. Panic that I will never be able to remove the graffiti designed by the rebel child sets in and I run to grab everything in sight to try to remove it as soon as possible.

My second train of thought while tripping over myself into the kitchen is how the bloody hell did that much crayon/felt tip get on so many surfaces in the space it took me to turn off cbeebies!? Its absolutely crazy the speed a toddler can scribble over the house but when it comes to walking to the shop it takes 45 minutes on what should take 8 minutes there and back.

The first thing people have said to me is use crayon, not pen. Well crayon is no easier to remove from walls as 'apparent' washable markers. They are not as bloody washable as you like to think when it comes to being on painted walls I can tell you.

Regardless if shes in the middle of the room or right next to the wall, it need not matter because like I said the speed she can travel when the pens are out is mighty fast! It takes just one second.

Shall we discuss the extent in which shes leaves her skin after a drawing session sometimes too? Blimey, talking about creative, she even plans out her future 'tats' at two years old. Not that I approve in anyway, the designs shes planning seem to look like a full body sleeve and that isnt happening I can clearly put that out there.

I have learnt many lessons over the past few months since she picked up her first crayon, but there is one that I cannot always be prepared for. I have come to discover that no matter hard I may try Penny can always find pens. Its like she stashes them secretly until I least expect it. So when I turn around just before I leave the house to find the kid COVERED in blue Biro. I'm absolutely up to my eyeballs in stress, but laughing all the same because if you don't laugh it off. Your'll send yourself insane.

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Times are changing for Babyy Pebbles

Hi everyone, for those of you who've taken a moment to read my blog over these past two years, your'll know I've always been in and out of having writers block. I do get work from brands and even sponsored work. I'm by no means ashamed to say that as thanks to my blog I've had some money to actually spend on my little family instead of being flat out broke from bills. But...
I've never found my niche, or felt I understood what I wanted from my blog on a more personal writing matter. After another break now I do know what I want. I want to move on from Babyypebbles and have a rebrand, I want something that covers our family life & ME. I want my blog to be a place for my interests too and not just Penelopes. This blog was created for Penelope to be about Penelope. but now I feel like I need to change this some what. So in the near future I WILL be changing my label name and having a redesign. I'll keep you all updated as I go along. If you have any ideas for me let me know.
I'm changing the dynamics in which I write my posts too. I would normally write for a purpose if we had an special occasion or an exciting trip to go to. Never covering just our very normal lives. I'm going to start posting in a diary format. Just things we get up to day to day whether it be something exciting or just an at home mum day. That change will start immediately.

This entire game changer will give me more freedom to write about what I want being more about my life too and feel more of a place in which I feel a part of, before now I have felt to confined in what I can and can't write on Babyypebbles that I just haven't wanted to write. That's just not what I want.

I used to love make up, baking and homeware. I used to write reviews in an old blog back in my teens, and these days those interests have taken a back seat and I'd love to dive into the old me sometimes too. Penelope will still have all this to look back on and boy will she still be a huge part of my blog. After all she's a pretty big part of my life. Please stay with me.

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What is Daddys Job? *In Partnership with Warehouse Storage Solutions

This post is one of two in a series I am creating for Penelope. For her to be able to look back on once she is old enough. I thought it would be wonderful for her to know what her parents did for jobs and why we did them when she was small. Today I'm going to be starting with daddy.

Reese works in a storage solutions company, I wont be disclosing which company specifically in this post as a result of confidentiality. I am working in partnership with a company called 'Ware House Storage Solutions' for the purposes of this post that I can use to explain in further details what the job involves and how you can maximise your businesses storage space by using such a company.

Warehouse Storage Solutions is a leading supplier to the UK storage industry. They carry out a full storage diagnostic check on a businesses current storage situation and evaluate how they can maximise their full storage capacity. They have been running for over 20 years working with an impressive history of clientele such as Morrisions, Land Registry and Samuel Grant.

They offer a wide range of services to their customers, here are just a few for example in which they provide;

- Standard Pallet Racking
- Mezzanine Flooring
- Drive In Pallet Racking
- Partitioning
- Rack and Storage Accessories

You can find out more about their other services here on their About Warehouse Storage Solutions page.

I'm going to go into a little more depth of one of the services they provide to explain just what it is and whats involved in it. I'm going to be talking about Mezzanine Flooring, a really popular service that is used by many clients as it is the most cost effective solution. You can actually double your space by installing the Mezzanine flooring without even having to move or relocate anything already standing. They are used for all sorts of reasons such as office space, production, distribution, even environments that use these floors for heavy loads.

Warehouse Storage Solutions provide this service to clients all over the UK and have successfully provided and built thousands of these floors. They are designed specifically to the clients needs meeting their exact requirements. Find out more about Mezzanine.

So Penelope reading this you can know your daddys job is an interesting one in which he works all over the UK. The storage industry provides a very necessary and useful trade that is a must in todays growing society.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Its always interesting finding out what we all do for jobs. What are your jobs in your household? You can find out next week what I do...

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