Review: PersonalityMatch App

If you saw me and my partner out together you'd think 'What an odd couple?!'. We are complete opposites of eachother in every way. He's outgoing and a complete social butterfly while I'm a real introvert and like the comfort of my own company. So, interestingly, I'm here to review the PersonalityMatch app. I'm going to see if we are just like cat and mouse destined to bicker like Tom and Jerry for the rest of our days or if we are infact completely compatible and just work because we are compatible soul mates. Lets investigate...

On downloading the App from the App Store it is completely free, no charges in place at all. It gives you a chance to take a personality test to get things going. The layout of the test is super clear and stylish to look at. I really liked the characters at the top of the testing screen, really showing differences in people from all over the world being into all different things. 

Image taken from www.personalityperfect.com

I'll give you an example of some of the questions I was asked, let see if you can guess my answers.

Your desk is usually...?
- Super organised 
- A jumble of everything you're working on

Choose the word that describes you...?
- Logical
- Emotional

If you dont know me well enough all ready. I am a super organised very over emotional being and I checked out as a 'ESFJ' at the end of my test which stands for Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging. In all I am 'The Provider'. Which I totally agreed with. The only part that turns my head was that it said I was a social butterfly. While I am in love with meeting new people, and talking to friendly faces. I am infact completely anxious and don't get out that much, but I cant say its wrong because I do love people I just wish I could engage a little more often.

While it was great reading up a written summery of my characteristics and personality traits, things got even more interesting when I went back to the homepage of the app. I noticed there was an 'OR' option. This option enables you to invite your friends by many means such as 'Facebook, Whats App, Email, Text and more. Inviting them to be your friend on PersonalityMatch means you can test your compatible matches. You could use this in absolutely loads of ways for example to see how compatible you are with friends, family, dating partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, colleagues, you name it. It gives you a score based on both your own personality test results and presents a matching score. You can view more details about your score results on a very detailed summery.

Image taken from www.personalityperfect.com

Myself and Reeses summery was absolutely spot on which completely blew me away. For example it said about how I like routine and things to be really organised while Reese prefers to be much more laid back and keeps his schedule flexible for the unexpected. This is us completely. I suppose we keep eachother in check, he helps me be more chilled out and I encourage him to get going with tasks. I suppose for us being slightly opposite favours us in this respect.

I love the fact that after you have matched you can even send eachother messages to discuss your results! How good would that be if you were on the dating scene! Me and Reese just had a giggle instead as he was only downstairs. I can see that being really helpful and a great chance to get conversation going.

All in all I really enjoy the app, I have a few friends on their now and even some blogging friends whom surprisingly it says I'm pretty compatible with. Its also given me a head up on who I would get on really well with if I put more effort into getting to know them better.

To get the app for yourselves please follow these links, and don't forget to invite your friends to get those matches matched.

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*I have been compensated for this review but all testing of the app was done on my own accord and all opinions on the app are completely my own.


Our Rainbow Turns Two

Penny, you've been in our lives for two years now while I see that as completely obscure that time has gone that quick already, its as if you've always been in my life. You are the most natural presence in my entire life, I cant remember a life that didn't include you. We share everything from toilet trips, to food, tears, laughter, and even share a bed more nights that not.

Two years of observing you, cherishing you, and loving you has me completely and utterly overwhelmed with emotion over you. All good of course. I do my best to keep you healthy, happy, and I make sure you feel loved as much as I possibly can. Nothing else in my day matters unless I have those three things checked off. A mothers job is never done because I will always do my best to make sure they are accomplished everyday.

I know one day your'll be bored of my mummy pampering and you wont want to play silly little games with me on the floor, and wont like me singing to you in public. But, for now at two years old you think I'm amazing and you love all the silliness, the cuddles, and the fussing. I'll treasure that for as long as you allow me.

Me and your daddy love you so much sweetheart, often we joke together saying 'God, shes got us round her little finger already, we're too soft'. We just never want to see you sad, or distressed as it hurts our hearts it really does. Just know that when we do have to pull out the firm guns its only because as parents we have to teach you simple life skills such as right and wrong. These skills are to help you grow into the world safely and confidently to guide you into the person you will become in the future. We only want the best for you and sometimes well at any time chocolate and crisps just don't make for a good breakfast Penny-pops, please stay away from the snacks at least until you've had your porridge and fruit.

We've had such an amazing two years with you, you've taught us true happiness and we hope to do you proud.

This your'll hear thousands of times over the years just so you never forget it for a single moment I'll say it now. We adore and love you more than you can ever imagine, you are our special girl and we couldn't be more proud of you.

Lots of love, 

Mummy & Daddy x