When Cot Becomes Bed

 A few months back we decided to take the plunge and took Penelopes cot and turned it into a cot bed. The decision for this wasn't because we wanted her to grow up quickly and to become a 'big girl'. Instead it was us trying to ease her from bed sharing in our bedroom and creating a familiar open environment in her own bedroom.

She has always slept in a Super King size bed with me since she was around 7 months old, she has not had bars surrounding her for well over a year. If we wanted her to transition into her own space we knew we had to make it a familiar surrounding to what she was used to already. This meant the cot side was to come off. Did it work?...

Yes, and no. The first night she was proud as punch going to bed infact there were a couple of nights where she went straight to bed and off to sleep no trouble at all. Although she did fall out a few times when I'd walk in to check on her and she'd be conked out on the other side of her bedroom, so we tried the pillow under the edge mattress trick which worked great. No falling out.

It wasn't long before the fun dried out and she wanted back in mummy and daddys bed which we have never denied her as we didn't want to frighten her off from her bedroom. We have taken the approach now of encouraging bedtimes in her bedroom, if she falls asleep which in most cases she will that's great. but if she wakes and doesn't settle in her room then shes welcome to come with us. She stays relax and goes straight off to sleep in the room swap and the next day shes happy to try out her room again and isn't upset or scared to do so.

Her bedroom is her special place, we don't want to force anything on her as we feel this will only make it a scary unwanted space and me nor Reese want that for her. We just have to have patience now to see if slowly she'll become more settled in her room. I sit with her until she goes to sleep, we read books, sing songs, and have quiet play. Its exhausting sometimes as it can take up to two hours some days to settle her down enough to go to sleep, with my back pain troubles this can be a real struggle for me. But, we are slowly but surely making progress which is all I can ask for.

Have you got any tips or tricks to help your toddlers settle into their cot beds/bedrooms? We'd so love your help and guidance here. Let me know in the comments.
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