We're Off To Disneyland Paris!

If you haven't already got the jist of this quick post then I'm really excited to say that myself, Reese and Penelope are off on our first holiday as a family of three. Going away while Penny was around the age of two meant quite a big deal to me because shes taking so much in and its amazing to see her face light up as she discovers the world around her, its such a precious age. 

We visited Disneyland Paris last Christmas in December but unfortunately Penny was so poorly, as was I. Penny the poor thing was even at dinner with all the characters one night and she was asleep in my arms after being sick, shivering and being delirious with a high temperature. Completely not herself. So on and off she wouldn't get to experience Disney as she could have done it she was not feeling rubbish. 

I'm not saying she didn't have the most amazing trip because she did it was just such a shame she was poorly, so this time we want a healthy little spring chicken bouncing around all the characters. She has loved all things Disney since the very beginning, one of her very first words was Minnie for Minnie Mouse. There's no doubting she not a huge Disney fan. 

I can't wait to leave Monday morning, I have butterflies already just thinking about it. The great thing about going to Disney for a week is that we wont be filling our days trying to squeeze absolutely everything in. Me and Reese want a break too. Some days we've planned to just chill by the pool, then visiting the parades in the afternoon, finishing with dinner with Mickey and bed. Of course we will have days where we ride the chaos of fun train that is Disneyland, but we want all three of us to enjoy our week away.

I am going to vlog while away to capture our holiday, I wont be vlogging each day fully, I'm just going to whip the camera out here and there and create one or two videos with a part one or two.

I thought it would just be nice to log this exciting build up, thanks for reading!
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