Summer Bedroom Refreshers

You'd be fooled into thinking summer is never coming, right? All the storms, flooding, and rain we have had lately you would definitely be led to believe the grey skies are here to stay. But, honestly they do say the sun is coming. In preparation for that I'm thinking of ways in which I can freshen up our bedrooms for the summer months giving each room that cooler airier feeling.

I'm here today to give you a sneak look into some of my inspirations, if your planning to freshen up your bedrooms from Autumn/Winter to Summer then let me know what you think of my ideas in the comments below. Lets get the bedroom inspo flowing. 

Firstly lets start with Penelopes room, her bedroom has pink bedding in it at the moment, and while the shade isn't too dark itself I'm thinking white always brightens up a room so this will give it a much cooler feel. The rainbow design does hold quite alot of sentimental value to me also as Penny was indeed my third time lucky pregnancy as I lost two babies before her. My miscarriage stories can be seen here. I think this bedding set would be absolutely perfect, its so well suited to our Penny. It's from the brand Ginger & May and cost £49.00 for the cot bed duvet set.

Also another cooling down measure I will be doing is changing over Penelopes duvet to a lower tog level. In the colder months we use 5.0 tog quilt and in the summer we change it over to a 2.5 tog sleeping bag, as there isn't a need for anything thicker than that. 

The next room is of course the master bedroom, our bedroom. Our bedroom needs a entire makeover really as we haven't touched it since we moved in last year, we focused mainly on Penelopes room and downstairs. If I was going to revamp our bedroom for summer I would go for some new pillow cases and bed sheets. I haven't the foggiest what material they are but they are so thick and almost have a fluffy texture to them. They are amazing in the winter as they feel so warm and snug when going to bed. In the heat its really not the greatest. I really like the look of quality bed linens by Yorkshire Linen they are so affordable but the quality looks like complete luxury. The pillow cases are only from £1.99 a pair thats amazing. You can see their range here. They are made from Polycotton which I like as they will be nice and breathable on the skin but I wouldn't be loosing out on any comfort either.

This bedding set to me says "Hello Summer". I've actually been eyeing this up for a while, its from Zara Home, and costs £79.99 in Super King. I absolutely love it, I love that the design is in water colours as I think its make it look so refreshing and light although the print is fairly busy. I showed Reese and he didn't turn his nose up at all and this says alot from the worlds biggest fuss pot. We may even purchase this set very soon. 

Bedding can make a huge difference to the feel of a room, so to brighten up your rooms for summer go for lighter coloured, cooler based materialized bedding. It makes all the difference. 

What do you think about my choices? Are they your cup of tea?

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