Summer Activity - Outdoor Painting

You may know from looks at the Activities & Crafts section on my blog that I love coming up with fun ways to engage with Penny. That being messy play, educational activities, and just sometimes silly made up games. I've slowly stopped blogging about what I plan for her in a day, I don't know why... Okay I do know why. She just keeps me on my toes so much that blogging about it just skips my mind. Shes a busy little bee, and sometimes I struggle to keep up. I'm going to make more of an effort to start changing that though so hopefully your'll see some fun posts going up here and there.

We have had some really great sunny gardens days recently. I'll be out there first thing in the morning pruning bushes or cutting grass (yes, I am that neighbour). I love being outdoors, and I try to encourage Penny where possible too. I decided it would be great fun to set up a painting stuido outside for Penelope to let loose and go wild with her own artistic creations.

You Will Need:
Shower Curtain
Various Sheets of Coloured Card
Various Shaped & Sized Paint Brushes
Coloured Paints - Washable Preferabley 
Optional: Paint Palette
A Sun Hat
Sun Lotion
Old Dress
- One very soapy bath at the end of all the fun.

We had tons of fun on this afternoon, we practiced familiarizing her colours. She learnt black, and blue on this occasion. She knows Purple very well already at the moment that's her favourite, everything she sees that is purple is always called out. She was so proud of herself when she picked the correct paint pot according to the colour I asked her to find.

The ONLY downside to this activity although I cant really call it that as it was a moment I'll always remember, a great memory. Penny has been really into water fights lately. Splashing us and saying who shes going to get. For example she'll say...'MAMA!? and jumped forward with a tub full of water getting me soaked. This day however she had a pot of red paint. It didn't end well for my clothes, so do wear some old clothes yourself to be prepared for paint fighting toddlers.

I vlogged the whole activity which you can watch right now! Just click above. For more videos by me check out my channel. Lorraine Mulrooney

I cant wait for all the rain and storms to stop because there's so much more I want to get out and do with Penelope this summer, so many plans so little sun. Keep an eye out for lots more summery fun from us, hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite outdoor activities to do with your kids? It would be so nice to get some ideas.
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  1. Outdoor painting in the sunshine is always a winner here too!! Fingers crossed the sunshine returns ��

  2. Shower curtain! What a great idea. I wish we had a garden, wonder what our local park keeper would think if I rocked up at the park with all this, very tempted!

  3. Ahh, using a shower curtain is a genius idea. We love being outside when the sun is shining too so we're not loving this weather at the moment. Go away, rain! Can't wait to see what else you and Penny get up to.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. I never thought about using a shower curtain before, but it's a great idea. We will be using your tip in our next painting session! :)

  5. This is such a good idea and a great way to get the kids outdoors over Summer. Looks like Penny had lots of fun xxx

  6. I have never thought of using a shower curtain before, but a fab idea. It is great to get the little ones outdoors as much as possible in the summer this looks like a great activity. I am sure both of mine would love this. x


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