OXO Tots 2-1 Go Potty Review

We have worked with OXO for a fair while now, it feels like they have grown with our family just as much as Penny has. They've helped us through weaning, learning to use different types of beakers, supplied us with goodies for me and my daughter to bake together, you name it they have been there for us.

Today, OXO Tots are helping us out with another huge milestone. The big one, can you guess it? Yep, Potty Training. Penelope first started using the potty when she was around 16 months old. She has been for 5 wee's and around 3 number twos on a potty in the past, its not something we ever pushed on her. All I did was leave the potty out, give her some nappy free time, read stories to her on the potty and encourage her to sit on it while she watched some TV. She's now 23 months old. She isn't right now in a mind set to start potty training exclusively but we like to encourage her where possible, to create a less stressful experience when the time does come. Having a relaxed approached seems to be a pattern with the way me and Reese choose to parent Penny.

OXO have sent us this amazing 2-1 Go Potty in Raspberry, it retails for just £20.00, like always their products are completely affordable and are so sleek and modern in design. The main focus of this potty is that its totally perfect for travel use. It is a stand alone potty with disposable bags to make it even easier to empty the waste when on the go. If you camping for example, and your toddler is in the mist of potty training, what are you going to do, poor the waste into a near by bush and have it stinking out the camp site, no of course not. Use your disposable bags and pop it in a bin respectfully with no stink and no mess.

The potty comes with 3 disposable bags lined with absorbent pads to soak up any excess wee. You can buy the OXO refills, but also want to know another alternative? This potty accommodates regular plastic bags so it is really convenient too.

It also comes with a draw string light weight travel bag which fits everything in perfectly, it keeps the potty clean and dust free when not in use. The legs of the potty fold down so easy at the push of a grey button on either side of the potty, making it super fast to set up in emergency training situations.

Setting up the potty for use is so easy. All you do it push each corner or the bag into the rubber grips and it securely keeps it in place until end of use.

Another two great points i want to mention aswell is that the height of the potty is just right for toddlers, not too low and not too high so as they grow and get to an age in which they are ready to potty train it can still accommodate the ages as they grow. My second point to make is that the size in which the potty sits little bottoms is perfect, I seen some which look far to small to last for older toddlers, and I've seen some in which earlier potty trainers would simply fall through. This potty is shaped perfectly for those little bottoms so that they can sit comfortably.

If you press those grey buttons but pull the legs to lay flat it can also be used as a potty seat to go on top of regular toilet seats. Which is so great when moving onto the next step, the toilet.

The potty once folded and compacted into the draw string bag fits suitably in a suitcase, travel bag, car, bottom of your stroller, or even your changing bag.

I love this potty it is so functional, easy to use and it is going to make potty training easier for everyone involved and thats whats important when it comes to potty training. I feel more than ready for it, when Penny is good and ready of course, we will take it head on. OR should I say bottoms on?!
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*I was sent this products for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions written in this post are completely my own.

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