Happyology Clothing Review

I've never reviewed a clothing range before, I haven't been asked to do this review either by the way  but I completely feel this brand deserves my praise. Happyology contacted me through Twitter I believe and said they would love to send me some clothing items as a gift for Penelope. Of course I accepted their gesture and awaited our parcel. We felt totally spoilt at the idea a brand wanted to send US a gift.

Thankyou Happyology for spoiling us, now we want to give you something back. So here is a review of what we thought about the items you selected us out. 

If you haven't heard of Happyology before your'll know alot more about them after this post. They are a British baby and children clothing brand. They cater for a wide range of ages from newborn all the way to seven years old. but they are going even broader with those age groups and are expanding their brand to accommodate ages 7-12 in the Autumn/Winter of 2016. Amazing right?

The main focus for Happyology is that their clothing be beautiful, timeless, and to last a long time. They pride themselves on the fact that their quality of clothing is so good the clothing can be kept to pass down in generations. This is something I appreciate as I am keeping Penelope clothes for any future children we decide to have.

We were sent a beautifully styled collar-less Lined Denim Jacket, with a gorgeous flared hem at the bottom which makes it look so girly and pretty. I really like the fact that the jacket didn't have the original button up front on the jacket, instead they have made it completely easy for parents by making it a popper fasting front. We've had this jacket a few months now and with denim, its always a worry what it will be like after washing, but after many a wash and much muckiness on it. The jacket is still as soft as when we received it and doesn't crease much at all. 

Jacket: Was: £35.00 Now: £17.50

The next item was a blouse, now this was exactly the type of top I would have selected for Penny myself. A Floral Collar Blouse which meant its collar sat perfectly over the top of the collar-less denim jacket. The blouse collar was so delicate each flare on the collar had a small floral print on it. It just made it look like a real statement, nothing I've seen before infact. The sleeves have been kept white and plan but the main torso part of the top is covered in a gorgeous floral print. The jacket looked perfect with the blouse. 

Blouse: £11.00

With the main features of this outfit going to the top half of the body. The trousers they selected us out then were the Jersey Grey Leggings. This worked really well as we want to keep the attention on the main features of the outfit as you'd expect. They are incredibly soft and have washed so well. They were a little big on Penelope at the time, but they have served us well all this time and now fit her perfectly. I like that they have a really well structured elasticated waist, Pennys little tum does tend to bloat up and down during the day and I'd only want her to be comfortable in what she wears, so these trousers work well for that.

Jersey Leggings: Was: £19.00 Now: £9.50

We realise we have had nothing bad to say about Happyology but that is in all honesty how our experience has been. Its refreshing to a brand in which I adore every item of clothing, and that doesn't turn to pot after 1-2 washes. It's quite rare for us to find usually. Our family 100% recommends this brand to you.

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  1. They are so cute!! I've never heard of happyology before but I'll definitely be having a look for them now. xx

  2. What a cutie! I hope Penny enjoyed her time at the park xx

  3. oh I love happyology! they have such bits! x

  4. Aw what lovely photos - I've never heard of them but they look fab x


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