Long Time No Sentiment | Penelopes 22 Month Update

Ahh it has been such a long time since I've blabberd on about how much I love my daughter. Since it's long over due I felt the need to be my usual soppy mum self and let it all out. God since I last updated you on Penelope she has come on so well. She is 100% character at all times, and is most definitely well into her terrible twos.

It's quite funny actually one minute she is this loving, clingy, mummy or daddies girl and the next minute she's shouting 'No!' at us for absolutely no reason and wont let us near her pouting out her lips at us. They really do have the most rapid mood changes at this age. Its all part of the fun and games of course, she is a pure pleasure to have around.

Communicating with a toddler at 22 months old in one way makes parenting one so much easier, as they can express what they would like in varied ways. You start to feel like you've cracked this parenting lark as you understand your childs wants and needs. On the other hand it becomes alot more demanding because they start to realise you understand them and what they want. Toddlers tend to take advantage of that new skill and practice trying to express things to you. Its not a bad thing by any means but it does keep you busy being asked to immediately rescue the Teletubbies from behind the TV countless times in a day. That requires wine by 7.30pm.

Talking of Penny being able to communicate better now. As she is saying more and more words, I'm starting to hear how her little voice is coming together. Everyone has there own pitch and way of talking. She sounds just angelic and sweet when she speaks. I adore it. When she says 'I dont know' when trying to find things in a search and find book... it just melts my heart.

We took a walk to the shops recently without the buggy, it went amazingly well. This was the first time doing so as usually she would get too tired or frustrated. I had tears walking back from the shop as I had just imaged this moment of walking to the shops with my little girl for a packet of sweeties all my life. It was a beautiful day, we were in shorts, and Penny was so chuffed over her chocolate buttons I was so utterly happy. She walked the entire way without giving up.

I love that the cuddles are real cuddles now, she puts her arms under mine and squeezes me in tight patting me on the sides. I have this odd habit of patting anyone I hug, turns out my daughters picked up the same habit, much to daddies delight, it bugs the heck out of him when I do it.

Other Updates:
- No new teeth
- Thicker longer hair, can now put in pony tail and pig tails
- Takes her own nappy off, and it trying to learn to pull up her pull ups
- Is doing great with colours, numbers, and knowing her objects.
- She loves dancing, and is starting to sing along
- She is saying key words in short worded books. She remembers them.
- Is still napping, if she doesnt nap she gets really over tired during the afternoon
- Plays fetch with the dog, she adores Pippin. They are peas in a pod.

Having things on her head
Playing in the garden
Her new nappies, pull ups. Its changed out lives as shes always hated nappy changes.

Being told no
Mummy and daddy leaving
Waiting 1 minute for her milk
When her songs stop on my phone mid song because of our stupid internet

That's all for now folks! When do toddlers stop having naps? I dread this day as sometimes its the only time I get work done or house bits done. What happens to life after naps vanish?!

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