Entertainment Ideas For Kids On Bank Holiday Rain Outs

Its bank holiday half term and yes it is most likely raining outside, it always is on bank holidays right? All plans of getting the kids outside for the day are ruined and now you've got bored antsy children that need entertaining. Don't panic is rule number one, if they sense your stuck for ideas then they will most likely panic and cause utter carnage throughout the household. I have put together a list of  just a few ideas that you could rustle up at short notice to keep  your babies/toddlers pleasantly distracted. 

Thanks to Travel Bag who came to me and asked me to write this post, encouraging me to come up with ways that will aid even me in the future. Do go and check them out they specialise in taylor made holidays all over the world. They look amazing! I need a holiday myself. 
Rice Pits

This activity is great for the younger baby and older toddler. The babies will love the sensory play of the rice and toddlers love pouring the rice in and out of the cups and tea pot. It's a simple idea but gives plenty for the imagination. You can sit and really interact with your kids making up all different scenarios having your own rice tea shop. 

Colour sensory pits
I have done this many times with Penny over the last two years and now she's nearly two I can ask her to come round the house with me picking up colour themed objects. We put them into the pit and then afterwards when we have plenty of items. We talk about the colour and go through what we found. With babies it's great for them feeling different objects and is a great source of sensory play. It's amazing what great things you can find laying around the house. 

Edible Sand pits
This activity is similar to the rice pit but instead it's more a sand pit. You can add all sorts of toys to it and create your very own building site adding differs, cars, spades and buckets to it. It is edible and safe to eat as it's made from just dishes rice biscuits. It's such a simple idea and really does look like sand! You could add oats to this also.

Here are a few others to try out:

- Make your own indoor cinema, Make your pit for the day get the kids involved setting up their favourites blankets and soft toys. Grab some snacks and snuggle down for the afternoon. Kids don't tend to sit still for long so here a tip I use. I try to put on films we have the toy characters for so when the film is on and they loose interest try talking to them about the character and play. It brings their interest back to the film.

- Crafts, yes it might be messy and a chore to clean up but your'll be making some great keepsakes and its such great bonding time to sit down and really let your children express their creativity. It doesn't matter how young or old. Just let them explore its great fun.

- Build a fort, don't you remember building these when you were young? I do, they are great fun they feel so secretive and special. I didn't do one with my parents so imagine the delight your kids would have playing dens with mum and dad. Get involved. Why not have a picnic lunch in your new found secret place?!

I hope this post may inspire you to keep your little ones busy over the half term! Have you any activities in particular on rainy days in, leave a comment below letting me know what you get up too?

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