It's been a long time since I just posted content from our general lives, which doesn't make much sense seeing as my blog is to document our life journey, doh! I've been meaning to talk about our Easter experience this year. Which was just amazing, last year was amazing in its own right of course it was Pennys first ever delivery from the Easter bunny. But...this year she got to experience Easter in its full glory of fun. We had countless Easter Egg hunts in the garden, even had a day in which we got to just play with our coats off in the garden with the water table out. Yes, water in the garden!

Penny was surprised with her Easter basket, not much changed there she was more interested in the shredding as she was last year! Typical ay! After she was finished making a disaster of the living room floor she got round to seeing her actual goodies in the basket! I went for more of a crafting theme this year to give us lots to do over the Easter Holiday to show her its a real occasion to celebrate and get involved in.

Around the Easter holiday I also went to a wonderful event in London with Channel Mum. The Pacmacmillan Easter Event! I spent an afternoon with so many of the lovely mummy's in the Channel Mum team, getting to know them enjoying afternoon tea, reading amazing childrens book, and again definitely talking too much! I even got to bring Penny home some books, and she adores them all. 

If you didn't know already I seem to be becoming a train professional now, I've jumped on the train 3 times now by myself for two events and a meet up with friends. Me and transport don't normally go hand in hand, and to go solo is huge for me. I'm feeling so positive about this new confidence in trains! It means i can go to events and other exciting places too!

Making full use of Pennys Easter basket we have been doing lots of crafts! We have been trying to learn using glue. Sticking things down and creating out own amazing picture, the downside is Penny gets really mad that we are putting things over what she thinks it white paint. She doesn't quite understand it yet. So we'll just pretend it paint for a while longer. maybe ill buy a britt stick or something and see if that works.

 Its been a truly memorable Easter for our family, one we enjoyed so so much together. Seeing Penny starting to see the magic of it all is so exciting to me. It melts my heart. I know next year she will be even more involved and it will only becoming more magical.

I hope you all had a great Easter too, next up CHRISTMAS!? Don't choke I'm only pulling you leg.

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