Double Sided Flip Mop & Upright Sweep Set | Spring Cleaning Recap With OXO

It's no longer Spring cleaning week I know but alas it is still Spring and I have been cleaning...does that count to save my skin? My little family have all been struck down with horrible colds, sore throats, conjunctivitis and other such issues between us. We've been struggling all last week and over Easter Weekend. Its been a rough time to say the least. Note I couldn't actually put into words how bad its been as opening my mouth is real agony. So just imagine my exaggerated expression by 'rough'.

Although all ill, I have been cleaning to keep myself busy over the last week. We have tried out the following products to get our kitchen floor sparkling clean:

Upright Sweep Set £30.00
This has to be one of my favourite products I've discovered from OXO! Your thinking its just a sweep set? Yes, it is but there's alot to this set that makes my life so much easier countless times a day. This set has a full size broom, and extendable handle, a locking system to stand it upright to store away. A teeth comb to brush the broom through to remove any excess dirt. It has a flexible lip so you don't get tiny crumbs and dust going past the pan and going underneath when you sweep. Its fantastic. I don't have to hunt for my broom and then my old dust pan set, its all in one and by far a much quicker easier use. I hugely recommend this product.

Double Sided Flip Mop £25.00
One side is microfiber and the other a foam scrubbing surface, The soft side of the mop can be used on all surfaces, and the other is perfect for ceramic tiles. I personally like to use the scrubbing side to get any tough spots off the floor and the like to go over it with the soft side of the mop to finish with. I just feel that way it will be as clean as can be. Its really east to use, you push down a handle which squeezes out the mop of any excess water and then your ready to go. The handle isnt at all stiff or fiddly to manage as I've had mops where they have been so stiff in this respect. No trouble here though, it does a superb job. The sponges are easily replaceable as they attach via velcro which again is super handy.

Have you tried any of the OXO cleaning products? I definitely think you should look into it after trying out their range. 
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