What I'd Love To Do With Our New House

Sorry, to myself. I haven't really written about any house updates since we moved before Christmas, and I feel that's such a shame as its a time I wanted to document and remember. In a way I am bothered I didn't take the time to do it, but also in the back of my mind I am defending myself slightly. Maybe I'm just making up excuses here but oh well these are about my thoughts right?!

I guess I could say I did not blog about anything home related because we hadn't made it our home just yet. In a sense we are still living in the shell left from the old owners. We find ourselves staring at same dated wall paper, walking on the carpets their sweaty feet would walk on, and we even have some garden ornaments which really are not our taste still sitting in the back garden.

Time seems to have just flown by and while we have been busy with our lives and enjoying living in our new home, we haven't taken any time at all to try and make this new house our 'home', adding our own tweeks, and sentiments too. We need to make our mark.

I have a few ideas of what I'd like to change about our house so I thought I'd share them with you, I hope you might perhaps take some of these ideas and perhaps consider what changes you'd like to make about your homes, maybe you don't have any and it will make you feel even more at home than you did already. I'm not saying we could afford to do all of these things, I must just point that out, some things would require saving for and time to plan of course.

1. Loft conversion; We have a really neat loft, it's not huge but it would make a perfect master bedroom, when I was younger my mum and dad were trying to get planning to make me a bedroom in a loft conversion and while I cant remember what ever happend to that plan but since then I've always secretly wanted my room to be in the loft. To have those beautiful roof windows fitted with white blinds such as the lovely ones over at VELUX Blinds, they have such a wide variety of designs and styles, I'd love laying on my bed staring into the sky and not forgetting the amount of natural light you would get.

2. Standard updating: The house still has some really old fashioned aspects to it, like the architecture on the ceilings, the patterned wallpaper and a really bloody gross airing cupboard door. I'd like to just do it over with clean white walls, and update the doors with something a little more modern.

3. Garage conversion: We have a very confusing garage situation in our house. We have what looks like a garage at the front of the house but infact its a dummy garage door followed by a drive way to the actual main garage. I would like to just move the actual garage up and create more space in the garden. Maybe we could put a conservatory there instead, or make a playroom for Penelope, but it just seems like wasted space.

4. Knocking down Penelopes built in wardrobes: Now I will sound like a complete hypocrite for saying this as I loved them at first but I bloody hate them now. They are so ugly and get on my nerves, it really doesn't fit with her bedroom at all. I did love the idea of all the storage space. Wait, first ill explain what they look like. Okay, so imagine a single wardrobe on your left then it carries on having cupboards over your head giving room for your bed and then another single wardrobe on your right. I'm sure these have a official name but I'm none the wiser to it. It would have been great if the gap for the bed was for a large adult bed but instead its a single bed sized gap. Completely useless as a master bedroom. I want to smash them to peices, and just buy Penelope some more furniture.

These are the first 4 big things I would like to change about the house, some are really big jobs which will have to wait for now for financial reasons but who knows maybe we can make a start on them in the future.

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