Summer Get Fit Wishlist

Yes, I was serious. I haven't given up yet. The plan is still very much get fit for summer! You can see why I'm fiercely motivated, Here. But today brings me to my wish list to help me along the way. I have just one old running kit and some cheapo running shoes, that feel like thick paper towel on my feet and are in NO way supportive or easy to work out in. 

My main focus of exercise and fitness will be in cardio, and hopefully yoga once I can get my head around it. For now I am focusing on running. I used to run back in high school, I did cross country didn't you know. 

Here are a few items I am lusting after to get me going this spring:

Brantano have these awesome Sketchers in stock at the moment, they stuck out to me because of the rainbow effect detailing. They are not too in your face bright but just add a little bit of fun to the Sketchers. They have a memory foam inside which sounds like heaven for my feet, and a stretch front to allow for flexibility movement!

H&M have a great pair of 3/4 Running Tights that I would love if it was a really hot day and I didn't want to wear full length running tights. They just look so comfortable to run in.

I saw this Aladdin Water Bottle and thought it looks pretty cute! Only reason really, I'm such a girl! It will be perfect though as my hands are pretty small so a huge thick bottle would be difficult to run with so this is just the right size plus it has a strap on it! Handy.

This is actually a yoga top from H&M, but I prefer to run in loose fitting tops, it comes with a fitted sport bra aswell so this is perfect for me, as I would of worn one underneath it anyway.

I have wanted a Fit Bit for so long, I've heard of them for a while and they seem to give people such a big motivational push and that's what I can do with by the bucket load to keep me going, so would adore one of these. This is the Fit Bit charge, this is the one I was recommend to by a friend. 

Another pair of running tights from H&M but these ones are an amazing design and full length tights. I tend to run in the evenings and it can get chilly so I always wear full length.

Just a simple one now, but these are running socks which are not 100% necessary for many people I'm sure but for me they are as I get blisters so easily so anything to try and prevent them is a must buy.

I hope you liked everything on my wish list today, I really should do more of these as they tend to satisfy my shopping desires. Are you looking into new sports gear to get fit for summer? I'd love to see what your lusting after in the shops?

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