Microfiber Duster | Spring Cleaning Week With OXO

As you saw the other day, I am knee deep into my spring clean at the moment, have you started yet too? Here's what I've been up too. I have been trying out some new products along the way. I have four to show you so here is the first of four small reviews.

Meet, OXO UK's Micro-Fiber Delicate Duster it has a very usful handle so you don't end up with dust and nasties all over your hands. It is great for getting into nooks and crannys grabbing as much dirt onto it as possible, its even great to dust those really delicate pieces that you worry will break if you polish them by hand. OXO have managed to upgrade into todays modern world from what would have been a feather duster, into a microfiber duster. If you didn't know already the microfiber material is fabulous for grabbing onto dust and keeping it stuck to the material. You can then just pop the fluffy head off into the washing machine to await its next use? Yes, you can actually remove the head from the handle by just pressing a little button!
The duster itself costs just £7.00. You'd save so much money from not having to buy new polish cloths and cleaning products because you simply don't need them. I think this is great value for money.

You can buy refills also so once you feel your head has lived out its life you can always buy a new one which costs just 4  small pounds. I would have to say though I don't think you would have to keep repurchasing refills too often because of course you can wash the head regularly to keep it clean for use. 
The duster for me has been a life saver not only because its done the job but because it saves me so much more time now just whizzing around instead use using clothes and sprays and other such products. With this duster you don't even need to use cleaning products, the micro-fiber material does all that for you. You don't have to worry about smears at all.

My furniture is mainly all black and shiny, which means dust shows up in just a few hours, but with this duster I can just give it a little dusting and it takes me no time. Its great if you have to dust constantly like I do.
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* I was sent this item as part of a review collaboration with OXO, however all opinions are completely my own.


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