Household Squeegee | Spring Cleaning Week With OXO

I've never got on onto my counter tops and cleaned my windows before, infact I have never cleaned a window, ever. Our windows downstairs especially were just disgusting.

- Dog nose marks from where Pippin sits to wait for us if we have gone out.
- Penny sits on the window ledge with a snack sometimes while I wash up so there's finger marks.
- Our glass doors from the kitchen to the living room...dog & baby paws and hands, all filthy.

I had given them a wipe over with glass wipes etc but they leave so many smears and marks on them that there's really not much point.

Today I tried out OXO's Household Squeegee, It has an easy grip handle which you need when dealing with wet surfaces, otherwise your hand would be slipping all over the place. The blade is flexible so it doesn't just need to be used on flat surfaced windows you can also use it on rippled surfaces too.
It also comes with a suction holder. There is a small hole within the Squeegee itself which the suction holder slots into and can be secured to the wall when not in use. This is great for me as I can store it in the bathroom on a day to day basis for easy wipe down of the bathroom tiles after showers. Its always going to be accessible there.

You can buy this product for just £9.50 from the OXO website its such a handy tool to have as it does not take up to much space at just 2.5cm x 20.3cm x20cm its so convenient 

I managed to clean almost every window and bit of glass in the house in around an hour.Which I think is great timing. All I took around with me was a washing up bowl of hot fairy liquid water, a cloth to wipe and wet the glass, the squeegee and a tea towel to dry up any spillages. It was so easy! I did it all while entertaining a toddler in between so you guys will manage too. 
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