Easter Bark! Little Appetites #4

This week has been crazy busy, I went off to Drayton Manor which was so much fun. I've been to London to go to my first vlogging event, and I can now announce I am part of Channel Mum. Three huge, HUGE things happend this week and I feel delighted and so excited that I got to experience them. I will be writing about each topic separately on my blog over the next few days so keep an eye out for those.

As for what me and Penelope got up to baking wise this week, we made Easter Bark. Sounds interesting huh? Keep reading to find out how you can fill your fridge full of it. Seeing as Easter is fast approaching I wanted to keep this weeks make themed with the Easter Holidays.
You will need:
4 Oreos
1 Packet of white chocolate Jazzs
1/4 Packet White Chocolate Buttons
1 Tea spoon of each of the neon sugars we used
1 Packet of Tiny Mini Eggs

Plastic container

-Melt the white chocolate jazzs in the microwave until smooth
-Empty contents into the plastic container and smooth around until evenly spread
-Crush your Oreos
-Add your Oreos scattering them across the entire of the container
-Add your tiny mini eggs in the same way (You can crush these also if you wish)
-Add the neon sugar, we used 4 colours
-Use your spatula to gently push the toppings into the chocolate so that they can set into the chocolate properly.
-Place in the fridge for 30 minutes approx
-Once set, take out the fridge and pull each of the sides until your chocolate pops out of place.
-Smash the bar onto the kitchen side and break up in your desired sizes.
-There you have it, Easter Bark!

You can of course alternate your toppings to make them different each time!

This is great to keep in the fridge for snacks for yourself as a sneaky treat away from children in the evenings, or as treats for your children. It'd be a great party treat for your party table if you were hosting an Easter themed party. 


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Each week on a Friday from 6.30am we will be live. All rules will follow below! So read until the end to find out how to join in with us. 

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  1. Oooh these look SO good, I think we might have a go at making these! :) Congratulations on your endeavours this week and well done on joining Channel Mum X

  2. These look so good! I think I commented on your Instagram about it earlier. I'm so going to make some, yum x

  3. This is so cute. The kids would love this. Defo gonna make them the weekend!!

  4. Ooo this looks so yummy! Will definitely be giving this a go and it's a simple one to do as well! :) x

  5. My children would love to make this, looks amazing! Congrats on joining Channel Mum. Exciting times for you x

  6. Oh yum yum! We just made some nests.

  7. Yum, these look like a great and easy bake to do. I've saved it in my favourites xx

  8. These look great. Bark is so easy to make with a toddler they can really get stuck in xx

  9. I love the idea of chocolate bark, it's so easy to personalise for different occasions and themes! This one looks yummy! x

  10. This looks fab and really easy to do. Can also see how it can be adapted. Will try this :) #littleappetites

  11. This looks so tasty, could literally eat some of that right now! x


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