Penelopes 19 Month Update!

Uh-oh just slapped my wrists a little as this post is a few days late, oppsy! Penelope has turned 19 months old so the next big milestone is 2 years old. Which doesn't seem to feel that far away if I'm honest it will be here before you and I know it. I have had a real bossy boots this month, and she been giving out the orders thick and fast! Sometimes I wonder who the actual boss in the house is, me or my one year old...Can you  take a guess?

Our little ray of sunshine has been so demanding at times this month, so much so that I'll just stop for a minute to take in her stroppy little face and the way shes shouting 'No!!' at me. I think 'Excuse me, I am the mum here not you. Or do you really think hitting me with your hand is going to get you those Quavers you stole from the cupboard for breakfast?'. Where do they get these cheeky habits from? As a result of this behavior we do have to take action and give in to discipline. Its tough and I feel awful but its a must for her to learn that she is doing wrong from right.

Penny has started sleeping soundly in her cot, a huge achievement for her as its taken since she was 7 months old to go back in there. I sit by her cot for a few minutes until she falls asleep and shes mainly out for the count until morning, the odd night she does wake up but only if shes woken by noise outside or for her dummy. Before now she would wake countless times a night, or just refused point blank to be on her own. All I did for the first few nights was sit in the cot to show her I was right there, and gradually over a week I got out after less and less time. If she needed me back...if she got upset, then I would just get back in and repeat the process. I now keep her bedroom door open, sit beside the cot and that's that. She wakes up at about 7-7.30am and then comes into our bed for an hour until about 8.30am by which I'm awake already.

We stopped using her icandy buggy as it was just outgrowing her and was so big and heavy to transport around. We opted for a cheap, lightweight alternative. Just to keep us going until we find something better. Its doing the job though!

She is still wearing 12-18 month old clothing, as she just doesn't seem to of grown too much lately. She has always had short arms and we are still rolling up sleeves on the clothes she wears now. Leggings fit her fine its just tops, jumpers, and coats mainly. My little dot!

New Words: Again, Doe Doe (dummy), Elsa. Bah Bah. Not too many this month, but she seems to respond to more instructions again this month. She will get her bowl if asked too. Responds yes if she is asked if she is hungry. She lets you know if she is enjoying something by saying 'mmm, nice'.

She is still telling us 'poo poo' but more so after shes done the deed now. I am just glad shes still expressing she knows the feeling of doing a poo. Its all moving in the right direction so I'm happy with that.

She has been drinking alot of milk at night mainly I think because shes started to either loose her appetite or just becoming really fussy. Days like today: 17/02/2016. She didn't eat more than one square of toast, didn't want a banana, or grapes. She didn't eat her lunch, nor barely any dinner. She ate about two chicken nuggets and 2 chips (trying to get her to eat something). She drank 9 ounces of milk just before bed, and 5 ounces putting herself to sleep. That's alot really. I feel like shes filling up on milk because shes hungry but she just wont eat very much at all some days. Any advice?

Also a huge difference in her hate for nappy changes has improved massively, she allows us to change her on most occasions with barely even a fuss. Don't get me wrong if shes over tired we still have a battle but on the most part she just lays there. I cant tell you how good it is to complete a nappy change without having worked up a sweat. She used to be horrendous, when people have seen her previous reaction to nappy changes they are just shocked. So yippee for this new change.

Peppa Pig
Minnie Mouse
Toy Story films & toys
Dino Paws
The zoo
Round & round the garden (Hand games)
This little piggy (Toe games)
Soft play

Social classes or toddler groups
Being told no
Having her hair styled or brushed
Brushing her teeth #HELP!
Eating meals on plates
When Pippin does not share his toys
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  1. Gorgeous photos, getting so grown up now! In regards to the eating, she's probably just going through a fussy faze. I'd just keep offering, and if she refuses don't give an alternative. If she's hungry she'll eat (that's what we did anyway, and just a suggestion!). So glad she's sleeping so well now xx

    1. Aww thankyou lovely, I've been stopping her yogurts after dinner if I feel like she has not eaten enough. I don't know if that's a good thing to do or not but hopefully she might see she gets a dessert if she eats well, I don't know this first time parenting stuff is hard work haha xx


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