Little Appetites #2 Orange & Lime Fruit Salad

Hi guys, welcome back to week 2 of Little Appetites, I look forward to seeing what everybody links up this week as last week we managed to get alot more of you to join in than we first anticipated. It made us realise that this is something people want to get involved in and be creative with. I am all for being creative so this week I have come up with a different spin on cooking/baking with your children.

This week I involved Penny in on preparing fruit for a fruit salad, yes she did eat alot of it in the process but she enjoyed it nonetheless. We first practiced with her wooden fruit and knife from her wooden kitchen. Just to show her the jist of what we were going to be doing and get her used to it a little. I didnt want to freak her out or frustrate her by doing something with real fruit, so a practice first with the wooden fruit which she was familiar with helped make it a more comfortable making session. 

We Used The Following Fruits:
x3 Bananas
x1 Large handful of red grapes
x2 Peaches
x2 Kiwis
x8 Large Strawberries
x1 Raspberry Bunnet - Minus a few eaten while making (Child)

Fruit Salad Dressing:
x1 Lime Juiced
Add Lime zest but save some to sprinkle when serving
Add 1 & 1/2 pints of orange juice of your choice. We chose smooth.

You Will Need:
Mixing bowls x1 large (for fruit) and x1 small (for dressing)
Sharpe knife
Toddlers knife
Chopping boards x2
Baby wipes for toddlers who do not like sticky hands?!?!?!

Fruit Salad Method:
This is super easy to put together so requires so real method of instructions. Just cut up your fruit to desired sizes, put into large bowl. Tip: Leave any fruit that tends to brown until last to avoid discolouring. 
- Grate off your lime zest into smaller mixing bowl, and add to mixture.
- Cut your lime into half, and squeeze your lime juice into the bowl.
- Pour in you orange juice.
- Mix until combined.

Also this is a great way to get your child to try new fruits, Penny had never eaten Kiwi before nor did she have peaches? I never think to buy them so it was a first and she adored them both. Strawberries are still not her most favourite fruit but I was happy she gave them a try. 

Don't worry about them digging into the bowl to eat the fruit as you make it, its good for them to explore their fruits and that was the whole point of why I chose to make this.

*Be careful of any large  seeds, or pips when cutting fruit with children. We also cut our grapes into quarters.

You can view our video of how we got on HERE, see my little partner in action. She did a fabulous job!

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  1. The boys love fruit, I cant believe I have never given them a fruit salad. My task for next week! x

    1. Thankyou lovely, this was my first time making it for Penny also. Its so good and you can keep it for the rest of the week in an air tight container for lunches and snacks x

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  2. Mmmm that looks so fresh and healthy. I remember when we used to go to my grans for dinner and we got Ice-cream and fruit salad for desert :)


    1. I cant think to have fruit salad and Icecream that sounds so odd to me but perhaps I will give it a go! Thankyou! xxx

  3. We are fruit addicts in this house but I never make fruit salads. Jasmine would LOVE this and such a good idea to get little ones cutting up their fruit too.

    Can't wait to check out all the other recipes.

    Thanks for hosting #LittleAppetites

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. It is so handy to have in the fridge i get Penny a little bowl out for snacks and she loves rummaging through trying the different fruits. Penny was so serious about cutting, we did a practice with wooden fruit before hand so she was keen to go with the real fruit x

  4. Looks yummy! What a great way to let them try new fruits xx

    1. Oh yes indeed, fruits have a lot of different textures too and sometimes Penny can be funny about texture but she did really well and was keen to try even strawberries which normally she wont touch x

  5. I've never done fruit salad before. We mainly make fruit smoothies. I need to get onto it!

    1. I love fruit smoothies, mainly because smoothies are easier to make as there's no chopping, but it was a great activity, and Penny even wanted to try some new fruits in the making of it x

  6. Must remember this linky for the bakes etc I do with Amelia! Looks delicious! xx

    1. Oh yes, you must. We'd love to have you joining in, i'll try to remind you next week so you can get your link up on! :) xxx

  7. I love fruit but have never made a fruit salad. They remind me of staying at my nana's when I was little :) x

  8. That looks delicious - i would eat that

  9. Little J is just starting to experiment with fruit and the textures. Will try this popping over from Mummy2Monkeys

  10. oo lovely my girls and I all love fruit. Great way to get them enjoying more by letting them help out with prepping good idea xx

  11. Yummy! Oh I love a fruit salad! #LittleAppetites


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