Little Appetites #3 Mini Pancake Muffins

Hi everybody and welcome back to Little Appetites! I hope you all had a great week, mines been super busy with working alot more than usual. I feel so out of whack with my whole routine of housework and with Penny. How do any of you working mums deal with this?! I'm failing here haha!

How can we be on week 3 of Little Appetites already! That's absolutely crazy to say. We seem to be doing so well and had a great week 2. I found so many great recipes to cook and bake with Penelope, I hope you did too. Maybe you've been inspired to try one or two of them yourselves.

Pancake Day has been and gone...It tends to fly by being only a one day holiday, hello, this is wrong!!! In my opinion I didn't manage to squeeze anywhere near enough pancakes into my belly. So to solve this problem I decided my choice of baking this week would be 'Mini Pancake Muffins'. Have you ever tried making these? They are super easy and Penelope managed to get involved alot in making them this week.

1 Cup flour
1/4 Tea spoon baking soda
1/2 Tea spoon salt
1 Cup milk
1 Table spoon lemon juice
2 Table spoons vegetable oil
1 Large egg
Optional: 2 Table spoons sugar (I didn't use this)

White chocolate & milk chocolate chips

You will need:
Muffin tray
Mixing bowl
Measuring jug
Mixing spoons/spatulas

Preheat oven to 170'C
Add your flour into the mixing bowl, and also add your salt & baking soda.
Mix well to ensure all is evenly contributed.
Crack your egg into the measuring jug and whisk
Add your vegetable oil, lemon juice, and milk into the measuring jug, then mix together.
Once stirred, pour the wet ingredients in with the dry ingredients, mix until combined.
Pour the mixture from the mixing bowl back into the measuring jug as this will help with the pouring of the mix into the muffin tray segments.
Add your toppings on top of each segment.
Once your happy with the toppings, put the tray into the oven for 10-12 minutes.
Let cool for 10 minutes.
Best served warm & with a little bit of maple syrup.

This recipe is great for breakfast alternatives, and even great for snacks or even lunches.

You can of course alternate your toppings to make them different each time!

Little Appetites! Myself and Stephanie at Raising Emily are hosting together as we have always had similar interests in baking/cooking with our young children. We wanted to bring everyone else into our world so thus forth we have decided it was time to create Little Appetites. A place to share our foody loves with other families, spend time with your kids, and create those precious memories that last forever.

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Letter to Penny: Your First Night Terror Experience

Dear Penny, 

Sunday night you went to bed like an absolute angel even earlier than usual infact, but not only that you didn't even mange to drink all your bottle which is very unlike you. I sat by your side holding your hand until you fell asleep at 6.30pm. Holding your hands after they've had a nice soak in the bath is just delicious...no sticky fingers just soft warm floppy fingers relaxing in the palm of my hand. Safe and secure until the morning. Yeah right...*First time naive parents alert*.
Fast forward to 8.30pm you'd not been asleep for too long when me and daddy heard the monitor go off. At first it just sounded like you'd woken up and wanted your dummy so I slowly got up from the sofa and began to make my way up to you. Suddenly, you started shouting 'no no no!'. I panicked thinking had you got your leg stuck in-between the cot bars or perhaps you were stuck in your blankets? All sorts of thoughts came to mind so I paced up the stairs to see what on earth you were screaming about...


Little Appetites #2 Orange & Lime Fruit Salad

Hi guys, welcome back to week 2 of Little Appetites, I look forward to seeing what everybody links up this week as last week we managed to get alot more of you to join in than we first anticipated. It made us realise that this is something people want to get involved in and be creative with. I am all for being creative so this week I have come up with a different spin on cooking/baking with your children.

This week I involved Penny in on preparing fruit for a fruit salad, yes she did eat alot of it in the process but she enjoyed it nonetheless. We first practiced with her wooden fruit and knife from her wooden kitchen. Just to show her the jist of what we were going to be doing and get her used to it a little. I didnt want to freak her out or frustrate her by doing something with real fruit, so a practice first with the wooden fruit which she was familiar with helped make it a more comfortable making session. 

We Used The Following Fruits:
x3 Bananas
x1 Large handful of red grapes
x2 Peaches
x2 Kiwis
x8 Large Strawberries
x1 Raspberry Bunnet - Minus a few eaten while making (Child)


Penelopes 19 Month Update!

Uh-oh just slapped my wrists a little as this post is a few days late, oppsy! Penelope has turned 19 months old so the next big milestone is 2 years old. Which doesn't seem to feel that far away if I'm honest it will be here before you and I know it. I have had a real bossy boots this month, and she been giving out the orders thick and fast! Sometimes I wonder who the actual boss in the house is, me or my one year old...Can you  take a guess?

Our little ray of sunshine has been so demanding at times this month, so much so that I'll just stop for a minute to take in her stroppy little face and the way shes shouting 'No!!' at me. I think 'Excuse me, I am the mum here not you. Or do you really think hitting me with your hand is going to get you those Quavers you stole from the cupboard for breakfast?'. Where do they get these cheeky habits from? As a result of this behavior we do have to take action and give in to discipline. Its tough and I feel awful but its a must for her to learn that she is doing wrong from right.


Déjà Vu!

Are you ever that person to not try to organised plans with someone because you just assume they'd be busy. That's what I always do...I should just ask and see if they have plans but I'm an anxious banana and just don't do it to save myself the panic. One person I always assume is busy is my dad. He comes round every Sunday to see us no matter what, its lovely knowing each week he is coming. Only trouble is that is all we do, we don't adventure for trips out together and such like.

Last Sunday, I thought to myself...Nope, that's it I am just going to call him and see what he thinks about going out for the afternoon. Of course he said yes, (silly old me) and we ventured out to a place called Stockwood Park local to us. My dad used to take me and my brother there for days out and I remember always having such fun, that's why I chose to go there in particular.


Weekend Tot Style #3

Hi guys. 

Welcome to post number 3 of more outfit posts of Penelope joining up with the #WeekendTotStyle linky. My daughters a fidget and is extremely hard to get to stand still for a second to take a picture but as your'll see I still got a some lovely photos regardless. I'm biased of course! How can any picture not be lovely when its your own kid!

Our week in a nutshell:
Has been rather relaxed, if you can call the dog chewing a whole into your sofa relaxed that is. Lets not dwell on the bad things though shall we. Penny went to the zoo with her dad and had a complete blast, she loves sitting on Reeses lap in the car going through the safari section. Shes shouts 'Beep! Beep!'. I had an unexpected day off so we had some extra mum and Penny time which was lovely. Penny got to spend an afternoon with her Nanny & Grandad and she was very much spoilt as she was treated to a 'Bullseye' (Toy Story Character) Toy. I have been filling up my planner like a mad women, creating adventures for the family, sorting projects for my channel and blog. All very exciting. I'm feeling pretty darn confident recently.
We have been tutu crazy this week...


Little Appetites #1 Chocolate Fridge Cake

Hi lovely people, today proves to be both a really exciting day but admittedly I'm wetting my knickers a little for the launch of our brand new linky...Little Appetites! Myself and Stephanie at Raising Emily are hosting together as we have always had similar interests in baking/cooking with our young children. We wanted to bring everyone else into our world so thus forth we have decided it was time to create Little Appetites. A place to share food inspiration with other families, spend time with your kids, and create those precious memories that last forever.

Each week on a Friday from 6.30am we will be live. All rules will follow below! So read until the end to find out how to join in with us. The linky closes at midnight on Monday so make sure you gets your post/videos up on time.


Hello Blogging Space: A Place To Think, Type, Breathe & Relax

I was that newbie blogger who thought so naively that blogging would be an easy way to document my daughters birth and everything going forward with our family lives. Who was I kinding!? It's bloody hard work and takes so much time and dedication to keep up with. I admit I haven't tried my best with my blog. I've let it slip a few times which I know is not what I want as it upsets me everytime. I only let myself down. I have recently decided enough is enough and I want to get serious. 
  • I want people to take me seriously.
  • I want others to think I'm doing a good job and want to come back to my blog. 
  • I want Penelope to be proud of this space I've created all in honor of her arrival and life. 

I am proud of my blog of course I am. For me just care for something for coming up 2 years in June is massive; unheard of even. I've never stuck at a hobby, ever! I have what's called a 'Flitter Brain'...


Shh! Don't Wake The Baby

After a week of trying to get Penelope to sleep in her room, things are slowing improving. Although our situation is not ideal as I am having to sit in the cot or sit on the floor by the cot in order for her to be in there, its doing the job at the end of the day. That's a big roll in right direction for us. 

Its all very bizarre when your child goes their first full night in their rooms for the first time in months, its the same flood of emotions you have when they first do it as little babies. Penny slept through for the first time in her room at 3 months old. Then at 7 months old it all went wrong. Lets remember my daughter is now reaching on 19 months old so its been a long time and proved very scary for my little one at the start of the week. I cradled her in my arms as she shook terrified of being in there. She screamed and I hushed her until she was calm. Seeing your child so scared of something as simple as their bedroom is heartbreaking, their bedroom should be their safe haven, a place they feel safe and at ease in. Instead we had a girl full of fear and upset.
Fast forward to mid week...I woke up at 6am the next morning one time this week and shot up like a light worried sick something might be wrong with her but all of a sudden I heard a grunt and a sigh from her moving positions and I knew she was fine. Nothing wrong with her in the slightest, she'd just had the best longest sleep in nearly a year in her own bed. No recurrent wake ups, no searching for me, not 2 extra bottles in the night for comfort, none of that just sleep.

Another minor change we have started is leaving her door half open instead of almost completly closing it. When shes co slept with us I always left the door open as i'll be honest I dont exactly like the dark myself. So I thought to make to transition from our room to hers. I'd make it as easy as possible, so now I leave the door open for extra light in her room.

Fast forward again to the end of the week. Saturday 5.33pm. Penny had not napped the whole day and was by then very unhappy, refused to eat much dinner, and to put it simply she just wanted to go to bed. I stripped her down, changed her nappy, and she had a mega meltdown from being over tired. I was sitting her on my knee just comforting her, two seconds later she was in dreamland, completely deep deep into dreamland. 

I looked over to Reese and whispered 'She's asleep?'. He replied shocked 'What the?!' as we was just listening to her cry two seconds before hand. How can she be asleep already? She was in just a nappy at this point. The next mission was to attempt to put her pjs on. This is where I started my laughing fit. Trying to put toddler arms into sleeves when completely floppy is HARD and hilarious. You can only imagine the scene. Reese trying to shuffle Pennys arms through and me trying to hold her arm up while laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. What great parenting from me. Poor Penny!

Anyway we got her dressed after such a faff and many laughs. This had never happened to us before. Shes never crashed out like that and is normally the worlds lightest sleeper. Times are changing quite clearly. First we have her in her bedroom for full nights, now we're having crash outs and her refusing to wake up. 

I'm so glad shes feeling more confident with sleeping. Super proud of her! Lets home her great sleeping run only gets better and she feels safer in her room.

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Weekend Tot Style #2

Hi guys,

Welcome back to another look at my kid in clothes post! Its the second week of the Weekend Tot Style launch and so far so good...I'm joining in again. I have to work on getting shots but hey ho! I'm participating, one baby step and a time. My little model isn't used to having outfit shots anymore.

We've had a great week! Penny has gone full nights all week nearly in her own room. This is the longest since about 7 months old for her so to us, this is HUGE! Also baths have become fun time again as for a while she was terrified of them, reason? Unknown. Very out of character for our fun loving water baby. Every bath is getting easier, so it'll just take time.

The potty came out again this week and her first time seeing it in the morning she walked over to it in her pj's and said 'Poo, Poo, Poo' I  rushed over to strip her down in shock but was to late, the little brown log landed on my beige carpet. Fabulous and screwed all in one second. I couldnt believe how quick she respond to it. Although since then we have not had any wees or number twos. She has been keen to sit on it nappy free, which is awesome.

I also finally got my own blogging space, my own little office room, which I am thrilled over. I can film videos in here, blog, think, and breathe in peace. AMAZING. I'll be doing a blog post shortly all about it so watch out for that.

Anyway here's what you really came for...Kid.In.Clothes!

Dungarees: Next | Teal Cardi: Sainsburys | Strippy Tights: Next | Top: Sainsburys

Butterfly Jeggings: Matalan | Orange Cardi: Next | Top: Sainsburys | Boots: Clarks

Here is a Video  I Made for my channel so you can see other outfits Penelope wore this week! 

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This Mama Life


Rotating Your Childs Toys

Kids these days have so many toys, do you agree? Are you currently thinking about your living room/playroom? Of course you are, because I don't know one family household who couldn't admit to it being toy overrun. Our homes have evolved into millions of tiny IKEA stockpiles all around the world harvesting almost every aspect of their well stocked storage units for desperate parents just like me looking to keep everything a tad organised.

I'm looking at my living room now and I think if I was to pull out a toy from Pennys toy storage tomorrow and passed it to her, she would think it were new because she just cant appreciate what she has as she just has so so much. Of course Penelope is just one years old so she does not appreciate much else other than a clean bottom, food, and her dummy but I'm talking about any child...they would be just the same whether 1 or 10 years of age.

Kids have too many toys that they just don't know what to do with them. Oh wait...Penelope thinks she has the right idea on how to make good use out of them. She likes to simply throw everything, tip it all out, and shuffle it all around the floor for the simple fact of making mess, not even playing! She'll go from one toy/area to the next and moves on once its destroyed or shes content with reaching that 5ft throw goal. Anyone else feel me here? To me this screams that my child is overwhelmed and does not know what to do with herself.

We bought her a play table for Christmas on which we set up a wooden farm to play on. The first two weeks she found it thrilling and enjoyed playing with it all, but then I noticed all she did was climb on it and throw everything around not playing at all just being destructive. I decided to try something 
She normally sticks to the same old toys as they are her favorites and all the others are forgotten about. Favorites are welcomed of course. She has a woody doll,  buzz light year, and her potato heads which I don't think would be fair of me to put away as she would be lost without them. But the rest? Well...they can be rotated. I'm making it my mission to start making use of all of Penelopes toys. 

When she woke up the next morning after having this new epiphany. I brought her downstairs like anyother day and her face lite up, again 'NEW TOYS?!'. But she was so intrigued by her new play table area that she began to play nicely with those toys I'd set out. By just rotating a few toys one night she is playing nicely again. Mess today has improved, shes not running around tipping everything in sight. Instead shes playing with those few toys I pulled out to surprise her. 

This is now going to be something I do regularly, I'll put the old toys minus a few of her most favorites and rotate new ones every few days. Who knows this might bring her out of herself more, might encourage her into becoming interested in different things and making new/more most favorites.
Finally some of those many toys that sit unappreciated in storage cubes might get a little TLC, not a total waste of money after all. Can you tell I've been watching Toy Story too much? Am I worrying about the poor toys being 'left behind'? Yes. Woody would be proud of me!

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8 Inspirational Toddler Lunch & Dinner Meals

 * Picture Heavy*

Planning meals for your kids 3 times a day, 365 days a year proves to be rather tricky when you run out of ideas. In each of our households we all have different backgrounds with food. We have grown up learning/ being exposed to food in all different ways. Who else is going to suggest scrummy meal ideas that your toddler might not throw on the floor and instead decide to eat it? That's right...I always think its best to get toddler food inspiration from other parents. I am going to share 8 lunchtime and dinner meals for you to oogle over.

I decided to do this post as I post Penelopes meals regularly on Instagram. I always get comments from people about how much they love seeing them, and how helpful it is for their own children. Thinking about the positive response I get from Instagram I thought I would share with Babyy Pebbles.

 Cous Cous
x1 Scrambeled egg
1/2 Apple

Picnic Lunch
x4 Party sausages
x1 Mini sausage roll cut in half
Soreen lunchbox loaf
x2 Buttered baby potatoes
x1 Satsuma 
x3 Baby plum tomatoes

Stir Fry
Egg fried noodles
Stir fry mix
Monge Tout
Baby Corn
Chinese Stir Fry Mix
x1 Slice ham rolled and cut in half
x1 Cheese string cut into four
(to encourage her start eating her dinner as Stir Frys are a little new to her diet)

Homemade Pizza 
(Penny was my assistant, warning VERY messy!)
Grated Cheese
Tomato Puree
Ready made Pizza dough
Pepperoni slices
Ham cut into small squares

Roast Dinner
Buttered Mushrooms
A small amount of roast chicken, not to overload her and there was more if wanted
x1 Roast potato cut up
1/4 Yorkshire
Variation of mixed vegetables
Small drizzle of gravy

Pasta Bake
500g Pasta cooked
x1 Jar of Dolmios creamy tomato sauce
 x6 Slices of ham into tiny squares
Grated cheese on top, and bake for 20 minutes
1/3 Small banana
Handful of small sized grapes cut in half
Raisins snackbox
x3 Party sausages
x1 Mini sausage roll cut in half

Stir Fry
Beef meat balls
Egg noodles
Bean sproats
Baby corn
Monge Tout
Soy Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon of garlic
1/4 of Onion
200ml Water
Large handful of spinach

Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich 
x2 Baby plum tomatos cut in 1/4
x1 Half small banana
Handful of cheerios
x1 Rasberry & strawberry yogurt
x1 Cheese string

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did let me know so I can do some for for you! I really love making food for Penny. Coming up with different ideas each day is exciting but hardwork! Thankyou for reading as always, I really appreciate it.
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