Penelopes 18 Month Update!

I HAVE AN 18 MONTH OLD TODDLER? Time is flying by and these updates are feeling like I post them a week apart. How is it possible that Penelope is one and a half years old now? Although I can definitely see her appearance is changing rapidly, its hard to accept in my head/heart that shes growing up. I forget that in actual fact she understands alot more that she tends to let on. Shes got alot more going on up top than I think she has.

Penelope has started understand a fair few new instructions, like putting things away, or getting down from the table if I ask her too. Penny will go and find a toy if i ask her to find it, she brings it over to me. I can ask her to open her mouth to brush her teeth and she will understand and follow through.

She still hates nappy changes has done since around 5 months old! This proves so complicated now though as I used to be able to bribe her with nursery rhymes on my phone while I cleaned up the mess, but now I'm at a loss as she is not interested mainly over the songs. I end up sweating trying to pin down her legs so that poo doesn't fly everywhere!

The little grotty mare has learnt to pick her nose haha. I have caught her a few times with her fingers up her snout! I tell her to be a lady and not do that.

Our routine this month has been all over the place, since Christmas she seems to have started an almighty sleep regression, which mean she wont sleep anywhere unless I'm around really. Meaning she doesn't want her cot day or night, this is something we are going to work on over the next month or so.

Penny has been starting to have her dummy time reduced meaning only nap time, and bedtime use only. She has been very unwell so have allowed some sympathy dummy time but apart from that I have been strict. I have noticed a massive enhancement on her speech and her want to talk. She literally doesn't stop nattering away. She talks and babbles about everything she see's or does. Copies pretty much any word you say. She has said, turtle, bubble, Pippin, circle, down, Snowbell (our hamster), piggy, neigh neigh, yay, chocolate, dinner,and so many more new words.

She has been going with a childminder regularly this month one or two days a week for 4 hours a day. I'll be working and so will Reese so she is completely parent free. Its nice for her to get some independence and to grow confidence without having us there. She settles in so fast, and has a great time when she goes. I get a little report about her day, what shes, eaten, and what her toilet habits have been like. Its just what I imagine nursery to be like. 

I haven't seen any new teeth recently but the red cheeks flares have been coming and going. They seem to make her go into uproar for five minutes then they cool down and so does she. Not sure why it does this?

Her hair is growing so fast now, it comes down past her neck onto her shoulders when combed after a bath. There seems to be alot more at the back on the bottom than the rest of her head, that seems to be where the length comes in. She has big curls at the moment, and some days its so crazy I just don't know what to do with it. I can get it into a pony tail, but she tends to hate it so avoid it when at home. I think we may need to get her hair trimmed a little soon though, she has some long sections that are now starting to get into her eyes. 

Penelope is wearing a size 1-1/2 in most of her clothes but is slowing outgrowing them and we've started using some of her 1/12-2 clothes. Shes always had short arms so even most of the 1-1/2 stuff still is to long on her arms. My little T-rex.

Dancing ring'a'ring a roses
Putting things on her head
Eating chocolate
Toy Story 3 (the film)
Plastic animal figures
Soft play
Baked Beans

Nappy changes
Getting dressed
Eating anything but beans
Being told no
The naughty corner
When mummy or daddy leave the house
Not sleeping with mummy
When she watching her songs and my phone battery dies.
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  1. Such a lovely update and beautiful photos. They grow up way to fast don't they? I was pretty lucky with nappy changing, my girls were fine with it but did have the odd tantrums. x

  2. Awww I really miss the Tower stage when they learn so much and are full of wonder....and of course don't fight or bicker lol.
    She is so cute

  3. Oh I love the picture of her in with the teddies. I loved watching my kids grow up, i loved seeing all the new things they discover.

  4. Aw these posts are so lovely for keeping a memory it will be lovely to look back and see her interests and what she was like. My son also is not too keen on getting his nappy changed. Lovely photos of her. X

  5. they grow up SO fast! it feels like Wilf was just a baby two seconds ago..but now he's four! x

  6. Aww the updates do come around so quickly it's scary how fast they grow Amelia will be 2.5 next month!! Sounds like she's doing so well xx

  7. This is such a lovely update. I love doing them for my little one. I also love the tutu we have it in silver.

  8. She's so gorgeous! And growing up so fast too!!

  9. Aw I really enjoyed reading this update, I wonder why she likes beans so much? Haha! Lily will be 1 in 2 weeks and I think we'll need to start reducing her time with her dummy too. It sounds like it's worked well for Penelope X X


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