Goals For 2016

I always set myself goals/resolutions for the New Year, although I never seem to put enough pressure on myself to stick to them, hense I don't usually get passed a week before giving up. However this year all of these goals are massively important goals to me so I am hoping they will be easier to stick to as they are things I really want to achieve.

1. Spending more time in our garden
After living in our flat for a few years, since having a dog and a baby not having a garden felt like a dream. Our flat was on facing traffic so it was not even relaxing to open the patio doors to get some air. This year I want to embrace the garden we now have since moving into a house and make it into somewhere we all want to spend our time. I want to plant flowers, grow vegetables, paint the fences, put gravel, and bark down. I just want to grow green fingers!

2. Save more money
Never being able to stick to my word of saving money has been a regular part of my life. I always make excuses for myself as to why I have not saved anything at the end of the year and end up just kicking myself and feeling stupid. This year I'm going to be doing some saver challenges I've seen around on Facebook, Pinterest and such like. It cant be that hard right?

3. Work harder on my blog and youtube
I have always focused my blog completely on Penelope but I feel now after around 2 years I need to up my game a little; broaden out my topics, juice things up a little. I havent been able to find my niche yet and thats what I need to figure out. Where do I take my blog from here!? I want a redesign, I'll need to possibly change my blog name as my once Babyypebbles is quite clearly not such a little Pebble nor a baby any more (waaaah).

4. Work harder on my relationship
Other parents can most likely say they have been guilty of this too, but I consume myself with Penelope so much so that I don't leave room for my partner Reese. I focus on making sure she has everything and is having the most awesome time that by the end of the day I'm exhausted and am ready to pass out in bed. Reese is left with nothing. He is also guilty as he see's his friends a little to much in the week. So we both need to be more present and make more time for eachother, and stick to a date night a week.

5. Travel more as a three
Getting out and about this year feels extra important this year. Penelope is taking in her surroundings now and engaging with her environments, so getting out to engage in different experiences seems logical. I want to go on a holiday just us three to somewhere short haul like perhaps Spain as its always lovely there and we have been to lots of areas there between me and Reese. I want to go on trips out like Sealife Centres, Zoo's, Peppa Pig World, and all that good fun stuff.

6. Find time for me
I am forever putting myself at the bottom of the pile and while I notice I do this I still tend not to put some time in for myself. Reese even tells me off saying I need to take more notice of what I want or need. This year I want to find myself again and start making some quality time for me.

7. Driving
I need to drive, to get on the road find my independence and go where I want to bloody go, when I want to go somewhere. It's so annoying and demolishing slightly having to rely on everyone else when you want to be somewhere. I find it horrendous. This year I'm going to book my theory and make sure I dont do my lessons until after it is done as I quit my lessons after a confidence drop from failing my theory by one mark. Once I have done my theory then I will book my lessons.

8. Be the mum I can be
I want to get to the end of 2016 and say I did the best I could for Penny, to say I took her out as much as I could by going to baby groups, join her up to classes, like gymnastics, ballet and other fun things. I want her to be proud of me and although I know she wouldn't mind what we did in a year I still want to say I did my best to give her a great mummy.

9. I want to get fit this year
Yes, surprise surprise. I've always had something to whinge about when it comes to my body, I had a birth mark that ruined my confidence when I was younger, it affected what I wore, where I went, my schooling, everything was affected by a mark on my body (I had 3 operations to remove it in high school). Then as I grew older the typical self conscious weight issues started. not having the flattest tummy or most firm butt going I found myself always having an issues with my body. While now I see some of those things totally credited to being a typical teenager wanting to be perfect. Hormones raging that type of thing. I still have hang ups about what I want for my body now, after having Penny I just let myself go not taking care of myself. Not excising, not drinking, eating badly while I'm not fussed about the weight I just want to be  healthy and fit.

10. Finish what I start
I've always been quite a creative mind, ideas flowing all the time. I get so carried away with an idea I start it and then it fizzles out and I move onto the next big idea. I'm left with half finished projects or great ideas never followed up, some which I come to regret not doing. I want to go back and finish some of the projects I started last year and complete them before carrying on or starting new ideas.

Do you have any goals for 2016? I feel its good to set yourself some resolutions/goals for the year as it gives you something to focus on through the months. Its a great feeling if you do manage to stick to a goal and complete it and I want to have that feeling going into 2017.

Heres the YouTube video on my channel I created for my goals for 2016, you can view that also if you like...

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  1. Great goals best of luck with them, hope you manage to get your driving done it is the best thing I ever did and as for the theory most people take a couple of goes sometimes even more took me my second go to pass! You'll be fine xxx

  2. I always say look at the goals and do what you can, if you can look back and say you have acheived one of these in full and tried all others then that is massive progress.
    We have very similar goals for 2016 - good luck xxx

  3. This is a great list. Its always best to write a list and work towards it. I am wanting to work much harder towards my blog this year too xx

  4. These are good goals to have and I like the idea of saving money. Im doing that too! Angela

  5. Your goals are really thought out. I hope you achieve what you hoped for for 2016. I'm going to pop over to your YouTube channel now :-)

  6. Great goals - I hope you achieve them. I need to finish what I start too - I have so many unfinished 'things!' Good luck. Kaz x

  7. These are great goals and highly achievable I would say. There is nothing worse than setting unrealistic goals and then feeling like your failing, Best of luck lovely! x

  8. Great goals, I have a lot of the same. It's so hard to spend time on anything other than your child for the first few years then you kind of feel like you have come out of the bubble a bit. Good luck xx

  9. These are great goals! I may have to steal a couple of them. x


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