Penelopes 17 Month Update!

Penelope turnt 17 months on Monday, and I cant seem to put my hand on where the month has gone? I still cant find a minute to get everything I need to do done. I've decided I can only do my best and that's what I'm trying to do, my best.
My little girl has grown into herself so much lately, shes talking back to things I say and answering questions that I ask her.

She is getting much better at expressing what she wants, she'll point, say, or go to the area/location in which the item is that she wants. It's making things so much easier.

Penny now has 12 teeth, she has another two cut on the bottom front. It feels like we've.  had non stop teething the last two months, so hopefully once these two have come up fully there will be a break from it all for her.

We had some more injections this month, 3 of them infact, she screamed with no surprise
as she hates them. Shes just like me there, I hate needles too.

Penelope loves to take the Christmas tree decorations down, I've had to redo our tree a dozen times as far, maybe putting it up in November was not my wisest of moves. Next year its going up Christmas eve! I forgot how huge they were too. Starting to feel its in the way.

Shes been poorly for the last week resulting in her being very particular with her food, its been rather horrible her not eating that much. As a mum its always the most painful seeing them go hungry. She was drinking plenty which I know is what matters but I still found it difficult.

Hers and Pippins relationship has got so much better, for a month or two she was being so rough and over excited around him. He'd get grumpy and it was just alot to handle making sure they weren't pushing eachothers buttons. She is much gentler with him and even strokes him nicely now. She does tend to try and pick him up as she must see me and Reese do it often. We just remind her not too and she listens.

We went to Disney Land Paris recently and she did SO well with it all, although she was poorly I feel like she made the most of the whole atmosphere and we crammed so much into just 3/4 days. It was amazing to see her face light up with all the characters, she did far better than I ever thought she would. She would kiss and run up to hug them all. Her favourites were Minnie and Pluto for sure.

Everyone keep saying how thick her hair is getting, I must say its getting a little hard to brush with the soft bristle brush I have. It doesn't get some of the knots out sometimes and we need something a little more heavy duty but not hard enough to hurt her. Any suggestions?

We bought her some winter boots this month too, shes a size 4 1/2 G. She has skinny little ankles so needed a much firmer boot to support her feet, some of the prettier boots just were not functionable. I'm chuffed with her ones though they suit her completely, they are easier to put on and she loves them too. We bought them from Clarks.

Christmas is approaching fast, and at the moment I'm trying to make it as special as possible making everything (if possible) Christmas related for her. We've done all sorts of crafts, and activities. Lately I have been doing some great crafts while working with Baker Ross, ill be sure to share those soon.
Christmas tree decorations
Polar bear thats sings 'Jingle Bells'

Nappy changes
Getting dressed
Not getting her own way
When we dont have apples in

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We are doing Vlogmas!

If you follow me on social media you may be aware already of our new found vlogging channel Babyy Pebbles on YouTube. I am only new to vlogging but have been a fan of YouTube for years. Ever since having my daughter Penelope I have been dying to start making videos of her life.

The time came finally 16 months later in which I finally got round to creating our channel. Now just a week into our vlogging journey I've decided the best way to get every rolling is to jump into the deep end and join in with vlogmas.

I hope to vlog everyday up until Christmas Day. I feel excited but extremely nervous about the whole thing. I want everything I've planned to work and look great. More importantly I want to make a wonderful video diary of Penelopes Christmas that's whats important for me.

If you want to keep up with us this Christmas you can follow our Channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqM5yNzLLOEf5FJ0NyGIbhg/videos 
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