Penelopes 16 Month Update!

I think this month has been the month of Penelope figuring out what she likes and dislikes. Its been a busy month to say the least. I feel like my hands are so full of dogs, work, and children at the moment I'm struggling to fit things in hense why things have gotten a little quiet on here, so sorry. Penny has been a brilliant little sprog though I must say shes been such a star lately and since starting to figuring out a discipline routine things are getting that tiny bit easier to handle, although at times I do want to scream my head off after stopping her from eating dog biscuits for the 100th time in a day.

Penny has started feeding herself foods like yogurts, porridge, and weetabix. Penny likes to be independent meaning if I try to assist her I get the biggest telling off. She can also use her fork with abit more control, she really tries hard to stab things onto it. All in the practice I say. Talking about feeding times, she has started to be quite selected some meal times about what she wants to eat. Sometimes all she wants is literally beans!! Its so hard to put a full plate of dinner in the bin because she just wont eat it. Woe is me... the kitchen slave.

I have seen 2 new teeth just the other day at a quick glimpse as she doesn't let me see, that's 10 teeth in total. There could be more. The last few days we have had one grumpy, very emotional Penelope. I notice her cheeks are flaring up alot and I am yet to get her to open her mouth wide enough to have a proper rumage around in there to have a little look see for more teeth. Thats my mission for the morning.

She is so much fun to play with! We sing and dance all day it seems, she wants to do puzzles and show me her toys it's becoming really interesting seeing her engage with me and actually having an understanding as to what we are playing. She always asks for everything 'again' if she enjoys it. 

We went to see Peppa Pigs Surprise in the theatre last weekend and it was one of the most special memories I have with Penny. I couldn't believe how involved and interactive she was towards it, the happiness on her face just said it all. I want to write up about our whole experience there so will go into further detail in another post shortly.

Penelope has never been one to have real attachments to things before now, I mean I've always encouraged a blanket and soft rabbit toy because one day we will be taking away the dummy and shes going to need something to comfort her right? But she never really seemed fussed if they were around or not. Lately however she has completely attached herself to her blanket, at times its been the ONLY thing to reassure her when upset. It's been her go to comfort even if there's not a dummy around for her. She carries it around with her and even gives it to family showing it off.

We've started going to the library for Rhyme time on a Tuesday morning about a month ago and I am so proud of her everytime we go. She stands up proud and dances away to every single song. She gets involved and gets frustrated if they start talking only to demand another song. Also we go along to her playgroup on a Wednesday morning as a free play session with all the other children. She is becoming more confident and will defend whichever toys she has if someone tries to take it from her. We are working on her sharing. Its improving as she offers a toy to a child but then thinks 'no you cant actually take it' and pulls it back. Opps? She even tried to take a girls Peppa Pig top off her back as she wanted her jumper with Peppa on it. I tried so hard not to laugh. The jumper remained on the girl.

New words:
Garden, Ana, Bye, 1,2,3, More, Juice, Nanny, Cracker, Bowl, Door, Park, Again.

Introducing the Naughty Spot. This has been my life saver these past 2 weeks. I've really been firm in sticking to it. If Penelope does not listen to two/three warnings of me asking her not to do something then I will pick her up and place her sitting down in the naughty spot. Tell her to sit there and wait for one minute explaining she should not 'do whatever shes done' and I walk away to the other side of the room and pretend not to be paying her attention. It took a good few times getting up and down to put her back on the spot and she does tend to laugh and think its funny sometimes. But she knows to sit there and be quiet. for one minute. If she gets up I tell her to go and sit down, and she does it. Its amazing how at such a young age that this form of discipline is really working. I don't believe in shouting but I do tell her firmly that something is wrong. It takes a lot of patience and chocolate stress relief for myself but it's working.

So Penny wakes up pretty early around 5:00am-ish, I put her in our bed and she sleeps until 7am, this has been our routine for a while now. She wakes me up every morning around 7am by leaning over me to reach my glasses to give me so I get up. Its the cutest most thoughtful act from such a tiny little person. How observant she must be to know thats the first thing mummy needs to do when she wakes up...because I'm so so unable to see without them. It melts my heart.

She loves to be nude, its such hard work getting this girl dressed or to change her nappy and soon as clothes and nappies come off she off just as quickly. Lord help me!

Penny is really good at counting. She can count 1, 2, 3 and even point out to three things. It's abit scary to hear because okay she can say a fair few words but to actually count is rather shocking eek.

We got Penelopes potty on Tuesday at first we let her play around with it and I was telling her that wee wee's and poo poo's go in there and she was not interested at all, infact she saw it more as a toy she could open, close and put things in. After her dinner I stripped her bottom half off and I got a few books thinking we would be sitting on the potty for a fair while. Instead I sat down told Penny to sit on her potty and she did straight away. I opened the book and after about 4 words Penny started to get off the potty. I looked inside and she had actually done a wee! I couldn't believe it! I'm still in shock and now cant wait to begin trying to see how she gets on from now. I'm not going to be strict with her. I'm just going to go at her pace and try to keep it fun and relaxed as I can. I definitely don't want to pressure or frighten her away. Since then we have had 5 wee's and a poop.

I am able to finally put her hair in a tiny pony tail, this excites me so very much as it has been long awaited.

Penny has been frightened of a very few select toys that she was given when a lot younger. She is still absolutely terrified if I get them out to try to show her they aren't scary. She will tell you no or point into the toy box and say no no no until it's removed so she can access other toys. Is this normal? I think it's so bizarre as they look like any other toy to me. 

Asking to see family members. She asks for her nana and nanny a lot. If we are out and about where we live she asks for nanny (Reese's mum) , if we are at home she checks the front door and asks for her nana (my mum). It's so cute but a little said when I have to say not today. She looks so disheartened. 

She is drinking two bottles a day. She has one in the morning first thing before breakfast. This one I feel we may be dropping soon as she isn't fussed if she has it and easily replaces it with her breakfast if need be and will only want an earlier snack which is completely fine. The other bottle is a must before bed time she has 9 ounces and will most nights wake for another in the night. 

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  2. She is so cute I can pick her up and hug her for hours. I can do my algebra when she plays in my lap and hugs me occasionally. She is such an angel. I pray for my children ar just like her, healthy and active.


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