Christmas Gift Guide For Toddlers 2015 (Unisex)

This year I wanted to get my Christmas shopping for Penelope done nice and early so I could relax a little better in the month upcoming to the holidays. Really I wanted to be able to spend more quality time doing festive activities without the dread of all the shopping I need to do. Usually I'm out rushing around in the days up to Christmas Eve and I absolutely dislike shopping at that busy hectic time of year it just ruins the fun of Christmas for me. I know alot of people think thats all part of it, but not for me.

Thankfully, thanks to my organised self this year I'm practically done already, and have only little bits and pieces left to purchase. Hooray for being so anal! Seeing as I have bought Penelopes gifts already I thought I would share with you some of the fun things I think any toddler would enjoy. Maybe you are stuck for ideas and need a helping hand for inspiration?

TOMY Aqua Doodle- Amazon: £16.99
For kiddies that love to draw and scribble this is such a fun non messy activity that I can see toddlers having alot of fun with. Perhaps even keeping them occupied for more than 5 minutes hehe. It's house friendly mums and dads. All you do is add a little water and draw with the special Aqua Doodle Pens that you get with it and it will mark with mat when your little one is drawing.

Noahs Arch- Jo Jo Maman BeBe: £26.00
We actually purchased our one from Sainsburys for around £14.99 this is the best one I have found that is most similar to ours. I always loved the story of Noahs Arch and I cannot wait to play this with Penny.

VTechToot Toot Drivers New Garage- Smyths Toys: £36.99
What child would not love a good car going down ramps, through barriers, and  that has interactive play? None. That's why this garage is perfect its so colourful and engaging. I haven't bought this particular set instead I bought the farm as Penelope is particularly interested in animals more so than cars. I thought this option was a wider choice for more children. I do often find Penny pacing across her playgroups to get to the car garages.

Wooden Barn- Adsa Direct: £25.00
As I stated a moment ago my daughter is animal crazy, as I am sure alot of other little ones are. I saw this online and bought it instantly as I was actually planning to build something simular myself as all the others I had seen were far to pricey for what I wanted to spend. I came across this and its absolutely perfect for animal farm roll play.

Melissa and Doug Lacing Beads- Amazon: £9.48
I have always had the belief since having Penny that there's no such thing as being too young for something. As long as your child is supervised and is behaving sensibly why not give them a try with these lacing beads. I know my daughter is still too young to be able to have the coordination to actually do this activity, but I am planning to sit with her letting her watch and give it a go, how else is she going to learn?

Plastic Animals- Amazon: £5.94
These little guys are so adorable and will help educate and bring lots of fun to your childrens imaginative play. We already bought the barn and I thought these would be a great touch to add to it. They would make fantastic stocking fillers. We bought the Farm Set, Zoo Set, and I'm due to buy the Aqua Set.

TOMY Mega Sketcher- Amazon: £14.95
Another tool to help my baby girl to draw, again with no mess and completely house safe. Amen. It includes some fun shape stamps and the drawings are easily erased. I liked this one as it was large enough so Penny can really get carried away with her scribbles. I had one of these when I was young so it was a definite must have for this Christmas,

TeePee- Lullabuy: £105.95
I think every blogger knows about the teepee craze...heck I dont know if they still are a craze as most kids already have one. But, my little one didnt get hers last year for her birthday so this Christmas she can finally join in. We did not buy this one of course we bought the pinkest most floral one we could find. Sorry not sorry. This would of been my next choice as I love grey and this is perfect for either a girl or boy.

Sing Along CD Player- Early Learning Centre: £28.00
We got bought some hard back sing along CD books from Pennys grandad and considering this girl loves music, I'd never of thought about getting her a carry around microphone singalong CD player. Hello, its a dream. Penny is starting to 'sing' already at 16 months old. She loves dancing and singing so I thought this is a gift that she will love for a fair few years to come.

I hope you found this years gift guide in some way useful for your Christmas shopping lists, if you have more ideas let me know as I'd love to hear them.

It seems a little early to be posting about Christmas, but screw it. It's the best time of year!

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  1. This is a great little list. I completely agree with you about buying toys that are actually older for your child, and showing them how to use them, like you say - how else will they learn. I'm actually going to add the Melissa & Doug lacing beads to Rowan's list along with the mega sketcher 😊 great inspiration. Thanks for sharing.x

    1. You more than welcome for the inspiration glad to know I helped out in some way. I'm sure Rowan will love all his gifts. All the best, Lorraine x

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