Review: Brauns ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

I'm really excited to review a product sent to me from Braun, its amazing to be reviewing such a well known brand.

Even before I had a baby and was infact in the early stages of pregnancy I bought my first thermometer. Thinking about it now it seems like the most unusual purchase when just a few weeks pregnant so that being said I'm going to put it down to pregnancy hormones. I didn't even consider the features nor brand of the product I bought. It was just a simple under the arm reading thermometer device. It was incredibly difficult to keep the baby still until the bleep indicating the results of the temperature went off. It felt like a lifetime trying to keep still a poorly baby, it was not ideal at all.

I had not considered another one as its something I've never took the time to think about but since being contacted to review the ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer a few weeks ago now its like a whole new experience, an easy, direct, and reliable experience.

You can purchase this product £44.99 via the Boots website, to go directly to the page you can click here

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Braun are classed as the number one thermometer brand by doctors, and if the doctors can rely on them then that makes parents even more confident in using them. The new generation of thermometers have a new feature called 'Age Precision'. Fact: Did you know that almost 40% of UK parents are not aware that the definition of fever changes with age. It does and with the ThermoScan 7 you can change the Age setting by selecting the correct age bracket. ( 0-3, 3-36, 36+ months). For example what may be considered an acceptable temperature in a 4 year old can be classed as a high fever for a newborn resulting in parents being easily mislead and left worrying about there child or not worrying when in actual fact they should be acting on their childs temperature. This setting to be is a massive comfort and it makes me feel at ease that I'm going to get an accurate reading for my childs age.

After talking about the Age Precision feature I need to speak about the coloured coded displays. It has three colour stages first being green meaning its within a normal temperature, Elevated is lite up in yellow and a high fever glows red. This makes it a really direct indication of your childs current state of health and shows you what action you need to take, I find this really helpful, as a first time mum its nice to be shown/told when something is okay or whether theres an issue, i always doubt whether i'm doing the right thing so when I have a green screen glowing at me I can relax and know that Penny is fine for now and I dont need to take action.

Another fantastic perk to this thermometer is the patented pre-warmed tip and ExacTemp Guidance System. The tips are pre warmed as other thermometer tips can cool the area within the ear that the reading needs to come from. The tip is prewarmed literally immediately before use making it more comfortable to use on a toddler as a cold thing going in your ear must not be a nice experience if anything it would be startling. The Exac Guidance System is a confirmation that the tip is secure in the correct position for use.

Using the thermometer is so quick you can turn it on and get a reading in a matter of seconds. Penny is left surprised and not phased by me using it on her. Its over and done before she has time to be bothered by it.

Lastly it has a memory function which saves the temperture result history for up to 9 readings. It's easy to keep an eye on whether the temperatures going down or going up and its always good to keep them logged somewhere safe.

You can use this product from newborn up until adulthood.

I'm really glad i've been given the opportunity to use this product its opened up my eyes to the importance of a trust worthy thermometer when using it on my child. It's made things so much easier when Penelope has been ill, and she has had a terrible cold since we received it.  I've now caught it and like testing out my own temperature just out of curiosity, is that odd? haha!

Click here to see the product via the Boots website for more details.
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  1. I used this one once in a friends house, I was well impressed! I've never really been one to spend much money on things like this, but J had a temp of 37.9 last week and getting it was difficult because the thermometer wouldn't work, so I realise how important it is to have a proper one now x

  2. I always wanted to get one when the twins were smaller but it was always an extra expense. I think that they are a great way to take temperatures and so much easier than the other thermometers x

  3. We have an in ear Tommee tippe one before that we had an under the arm one which was tricky to use. I've heard good things about Brauns though.

  4. I swear by these when my kids are poorly. I have the Tommee Tippee one and it has had a lot of use. These are also so easy and quick to use.

  5. I honestly never thought about what type of thermometer I use, but you are so right - why would trust any ole one with your precious children? I don't have children yet, but if I ever do, I'll be keeping this in mind x

  6. I had a very scary moment with one of my twins when he was 6 months old and ended up being rushed to hospital with a dangerous fever. The first thing I did when we got out of hospital was buy a Braun in ear thermometer (I noticed that it was the brand the doctors were using). I completely swear by it and recommend it to all my mum friends. It looks like this is an updated model as mine doesn't have the age adjust. Time to upgrade!

  7. This looks great - we need a new thermometer too. We use a sensor one so it's contactless, but the kids have dropped it several times and I don't think it's quite up to it all anymore :) H x

  8. We have always had a Braun thermometer and I am so glad we have. It has taken me through 3 kids and raging temps, it is so important to have a good one to use. Great for taken the temps quickly too!


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