Penelopes 15 Month Update!

Oh my! This is the first month in a while that I've felt has dragged on, not in a negative way but I suppose we've been so busy this month that I kept thinking is it Penny's 16 month update or 15th. I felt like time has flown by when in actual fact it's still been the same old pace. It is infact her 15 month update. The more I sit and think about whats changed about Penelope over the last 4 weeks the more things that pop into my mind.

She has been so busy it would seem absorbing so much into her very clever mind that I'm sure her little head may pop. Its dawned on me how much my little girl now understands and how responsive she is. Everyone that has met Penny for the first time recently has been shocked at how 'responsive' she is. They cant believe how well she walks, talks, and understands. I suppose I don't really notice so much as I'm with her all day everyday I'm used to her but when other people start telling you, it made me all emotional and I became overwhelmed at how proud I am of the progress she's making.

My little fledgling has well and truly mastered the art of flying (by that I mean walking) shes even running these days mostly away from her parents but running nonetheless. Now that Penny is walking its made getting out and about so much easier in ways. If shes fed up in the buggy i'll just get her out and walk with her holding my hand for a while. It's just great giving her another choice of transport to get around. Buggy, or legs little P?

Reading, ah books! Penelope always has her hands on a book, either shes running over to you bringing every book she can find for you to read or she'll sit by herself flicking through the pages. Her favourite books, are ones with animals.

Speaking of animals she is so amazing at memorising the sounds and names of the animal. She can solidly show me where a; lion, crocodile, monkey, fish, bear, turtle, elephant, cat, dog, sheep, pig, horse, cow, and many other are on a page. no matter how small or large she can point them out. Even making the majority of sounds to match them. She can say nearly all of these animals too.

Things have been  a lot easier communicating with Penny as she seems to understand pretty much everything I say to her. She will follow commands like 'put that back', get a book', or lets put your shoes on' and many others but that's to name a few. If I ask her questions she will answer me back or show me what she wants. Speaking back to me shes started to answer me back with attitude for example shouting no at me when I ask if she wants something. A right little bossy madam you could say.

Penny has 8 teeth, we seem to have missed the canine teeth and gone onto the molars which she is NOT happy about at all. Penny has her hands and fingers in her mouth constantly trying to get some relief. For that reason shes been rather clingy at times.

Her hair is just long enough to put a little pony tail or pigtails in but she gets so angry at me fussing with her hair she pulls them out or runs away.

Her eye colour seems to be changing a little on the greener side, everytime I look at her eyes they seem more green than blue.

We've started attending baby groups a few times a week because  of this Pennys confidence and social skills have improved hugely. She doesn't share too well but what one year old does?! She loves the messy play tables and painting, or just playing with the toys around her, if they have the outsides open that's where she will be.

Penny loves to pretend to look after her soft toys and babies, she shh's them and puts them to night nights on there side. She also loves to push them around in her little buggy. She has an incredibly sensitive side with animals and soft toys she strokes them and says 'Aww' but still again the real life pet dog is bullied 90% of the time. I still don't understand why that is when shes so kind to other animals and fake animals.

She Sings And Dances Along To:
5 Speckled Frogs: 'Num Num'
Old Mcdonald Had A Farm 'Ee I Ee I Oh', 'MooMoo' and other animals sounds
5 Monkeys Jumping On The Bed ' No, No, No' and pointy naughty finger.
If Your Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands 'Clap Clap' and stomps her feet.
Sleeping Lions 'Raaaaawr!' and lays down to be asleep.
Wheels On The Bus 'Hiss Hiss Hiss'
Twinkle Twinkle 'Up Up, Up'
Baa Baa Black Sleep 'Baa Baa'

She seems to interact in lots of little ways according to each son but there just a few I can think of at this crazily late time of night.

Penny plays peek-a-boo with either herself or others. She says 'boo' to go along with it. Infact she plays a few games now she loves to be chased and to play hide and seek. She'll come looking for me and i'll jump out and scare her.

She has become a little difficult when it comes to breakfast, I cant believe how fussy a child can be by that I mean she knows what she wants but its 4/10 if I get it right. If not she wont eat. Its been worse the last week as shes been poorly with a cold and doesn't really know what or if she wants anything to eat.

Tantrums are still coming in strong, they are quite stressful at times, I had my first super tantrum in the middle of a food shop. EVERYONE looked at us. I felt like they were looking their noses up at me as a parent but I suppose they just felt like they have all been there too. I was so close to tears as I just didn't know what to do, there wasn't much I could have done as Penny was so beside herself that nothing anyone could have done would have helped.

I love how loving and cuddley little P as become this month too. Sometimes she'll happily sit with me for 30mins or so just snuggling up with a film. I adore these moments as it hasent really happened since shes been mobile. She usually never sits still for more than a minute therefore this new found love for cuddles is most valuable.

Learning when something is naughty. Snowball our hamster managed to nip (no harm done) Pennys finger during our move of house a few weeks ago. Since then she goes up to his cage and gives him the nodding finger and says 'Naughty') which sounds like 'get down' in a firm voice. I think shes picked this up from me telling the dog to get off stuff but nevertheless she tells Snowbell off. She also tells Pippin to 'Get down' if she hears me saying it to him. My daughter is a bossy little thing, but darn cute about it.

Penelope is on her way I think to wanting to be potty trained. She has prewarned me of a poop by telling me 'pooo' before she does it. She gets angry when she does a big wee and pulls for her nappy off. If I see her straining to go for a poo I will ask her 'Are you doing a poo?' and she will nod or reply 'yep'.

Putting her coat on
Her face & hands being cleaned
Being told no
Having her nappy changed unless bribed
Mummy or Daddy leaving

Putting shoes on
Being outside
Peppa Pig
Mickey and Minnie
Her nursery rhymes

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