Now That You Have A Garden

We've been making great use of our garden since moving into our new house. Autumn is in full swing and the temperatures are swiftly dropping so we haven't got long left before the garden becomes a crispy frost and seemingly off limits for a while. After living in a flat we've been getting out in the garden as and when possible. Our garden is beautiful and was well kept by the previous owners, now I guess its up to me to keep it that way, no pressure at all. I'll learn to master my green fingers in no time I'm sure. Penelope has loved having such a new lease of freedom; having the chance to go into the outdoors running around freely has been great fun for her. We've been out in the wet, sunshine and even in our dressing gowns. She's eaten leaves and thrown hundreds of pebbles...

Enjoying the outdoors with Penny means alot to me personally. I remember always being outside when I was a kid and I have so many great memories of me exploring outside. I'd build dozens of birds nests, collect snails and kept them for pets, I spoke to the 'animals', played games, and picked lots of flowers I shouldn't have picked. As I grew up I'd help with the gardening, picked all the weeds with my dad, and even got a small garden job on the weekend. I remember potting flowers at home,  growing sunflowers, grass heads, and sowing tomatoes, 

Now that Penny has a garden I want her to grow up having fun outside. Playing, planting, and exploring like me. I have so many plans for you now that you have a garden Penny.

12 Fun Things I'd Like To Do With You Next Year:
  1. Have play dates with friends in the sun
  2. Buy a paddling pool to splash and run through sprinklers
  3. To hold family BBQ's with all your loved ones
  4. Plant sunflowers to watch them grow tall
  5. To plant our own pumpkins 
  6. To find and investigate any creatures we may find
  7. Collect leaves and sticks to make crafts
  8. Have an Easter Egg hunt in the garden
  9. Create your very own plant pot garden for all of the fun things we will grow together
  10. Just spending summer afternoons being silly nillys
  11. To finally play with your water and sand table your never got to use this year

We'll make use of the weather that we have for the rest of this year, and hopefully build Pennys first snowman, let's hope for a white Christmas shall we?! I cant wait to show her how much fun is to be had just outside the backdoor. 

Do you have any plans for what you'd like to do next year with your kids? Perhaps its something you didn't get round to this year?
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