Hooray! We've Moved

After our previous house falling through last minute we made the off the hand decision to put the move on hold. It broke our hearts to loose that house and we could not bare going through the hassle again, we felt we'd been through too much over the past few years and just needed a breather from any worries. Only a week or so later we were out looking at more properties (we didn't last long) and fell in love with another house. A house we eagerly awaited 6 long weeks to move into and can now call our family home.

We are so utterly happy that we have been so lucky to be able to have this house. It has everything we wanted in a home. The garden is my favourite part as it brings Penelope so much joy, I adore watching her explore it, and seeing running up and down like shes loving every moment is adorable. Pippin is beside himself he almost believes he has solid freedom as he now has so much space. Poor dog been used to a ground floor section of grass and now has a full length garden.

Having a loft and garage has been amazing I think that is definitely what drove me up the wall most at the flat, there was nowhere to put things away. No storage you could utilise properly for a family of three. I now have somewhere for the Christmas Tree, old baby things, and the blasted stuff we never even use but cant bare to throw away...we all have heaps of that stuff right?! Feeling cleansed is the only way I can describe how its made me feel. I can breathe and look around without seeing junk pile after junk pile.

I've loved every minute of unpacking, finding homes for things and buying little decorative bits for the house that I feel totally uplifted for the future. All I keep envisioning is this Christmas, being able to host Pennys second birthday party here, having people over for dinners and inviting Pennys friends over for play dates. This house will give us so much more out of life as a family.

We have this new house with heaps upon heaps of memories about to be made in it, somewhere new for our family to excel and adventure in.

We still have tons of little odd jobs that we want to do for example hanging some things on the walls, getting bits of furniture for the hallway and spare room but other than that it's all unpacked, and being lived in. I thought i'd share a few snippets but will share some better photos once we get things a little more organised throughout the house.
It's crazy to think we've only been properly moved in just over a week. I feel like this has always been my home. It's a place I feel secure and comfortable being in alone or with company.
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  1. So happy for you. Lots of memories to make in the house. :-) x

  2. I am so pleased for you Lorraine - I hope you and your family are happy in your new home. It sounds perfect. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Thankyou Jenna, We are super happy I feel very at home here x


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