Halloween/Autumnal Crafts & Activities: Pumpkin Decorating

For Penelope 1st Halloween last year we carved a giant 'P' into her 1st pumpkin, again wanting it to be a special precious memory I wanted to put a personal spin on things. I let Penny decorate her very own pumpkin to her own taste with her bare hands.

This craft is mainly self explanatory in itself by just looking at the pictures but what I will say is this. I cant now carve the pumpkin as I cant bare to loose any of the art work my little artist has done on it. It would be ruining all her hard work. Instead I've kept it on my window sill for all to see. 

We used normal paint and a variation of Autumn coloured paints placing them on a tiny plastic plate ready for them to me mixed up and messy. All I did was occasionally spin the pumpkin around so that Penny would paint the entire circumference of the pumpkin I had no further involvement. 

I feel like Penny feels proud as punch over her work with this craft because every time we walk past it or I pick her up and she spots it. She was to feel it, and look at it. I think she felt like she really had control of what she was creating. Hands were flying everywhere and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

A super easy seedless mess avoiding craft! 


Do you always carve your pumpkins, why not try something a little different this Halloween?
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  1. Looks like she is having fun! :) Looks at her face! So adorable x

    1. Thankyou it certainly was good fun, hope you had a great Halloween xx


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