Halloween/Autumnal Crafts & Activities: Autumn Leaf Printing

 This is an craft I remember doing time and time again myself as a small child. Although I may have done it so many times, it was still just as enjoyable everytime. Each picture was unique as were the leaves. So perhaps you have not tried this craft yet with your child, maybe you think they are too young? Why not read on and see how I did it with a one year old...
 We'd gone out for a trip to the park, up until this recent visit there was only a light spread of leaves nothing too exciting really. When we went on this occasion it was asif the leaves were the new flooring. A thick multi coloured cushion covering the ground. I instantly had a flash back of collecting leaves for my leaf printing pictures and I knew we just had to do it.

I got Penelope involved encouraging her to pick up the leaves and passing them to me. I asked her if she liked different ones and I kept the ones she said yes too. I'd made sure we had different variations of colours and shapes to make sure she would be engrossed into the craft.

We got home and I prepared the set up and waited for a napping Penelope to wake up, she had a ridiculously long nap by some miracle.

I took her clothes off and left her in a nappy to avoid messy clothes,well and to make things easier for myself if I had to run an emergency bath. Painting with a one year old can be very messy thankfully for me this time she only had a few splats on her hands and chest.

I used a normal small plate with a few blobs of paint sent to us by Baker Ross, I made sure the colours were Autumnal and fun too.

I helped her with a few to show her the general concept in hopes she would learn from mummy; she did and would help me squash down the leaves giving them a little pat each and would peel them off. Penny gave each leaf print her own little touch rubbing the paint in a little which killed me a little as it ruined a fair few of the leaves, but it would be her picture if she didnt make it her own.

Overall, it was a fun day out walking around the park and we had a lovely afternoon painting with our wonderful leaves that we collected. The clean up was no messier than a dinner mess so for me it was no real hassle at all.

I absolutely adore this picture and want to keep it up for all to see in the kitchen. Do you display all your favourite pictures from your children? I don't suppose you can when every scribble and splat is equally as special theres not enough space on the walls, oh being a parent is heart throbbing.
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