Halloween/Autumnal Crafts & Activities: Spooky Spider Playdough

Happy half term everybody, I'm sure your little ones are keeping you on your toes ...Do you want to keep them happily occupied for a while but don't want to much prep, mess or faffing around? Don't worry because up until Halloween I will be sharing a really fun compilation of crafts and activities that we have been doing this Autumn/ Halloween. All of which I hope you like and perhaps want to try out with your little ones. Keep your eyes peeled throughout this week to see more spooky and Autumnal crafts and activities inspiration from me. First up is...

Spooky Spider Playdough
I had never tried Penelope with playdough simply through my own naive assumptions, I always thought it was a much thicker and stiffer material than it actually is perhaps I had more of a clay substance in mind, nonetheless its something I had wrote off. I handmade this playdough from a fellow blogger friend Steph from RaisingEmily whom happened to recently post up the recipe on her new Youtube channel RaisingEmily. I was so keen to give it a go as it looked so simple and quick to do. I decided to go for a Halloween themed colour, purple to give it a spooky appearance. 

This was a really simple activity one you could prepare in just minutes. I bought these glow in the dark spiders from Asda for just a pound, but it actually came with around 10 in a pack, absolute bargain. 

The aim for this activity was to make spider imprints into the playdough, simple but it was really gripping for my little one. She was so thrilled by the spiders and love pushing and pulling the spiders in and out of the playdough. Once we filled up our playdough we squished it all together and would repeat the game again counting each spider as we made them.

As I started to integrate counting into this craft I decided to separate the play dough in balls and placed a spider ontop of each ball and we began counting each spider in this manner. Penny would placed her little finger upon each spider ball really concentrating.

There is many ways in which you could use this idea but this is just a few in which Penny responded to the best.

Like Steph says in her video you can wrap up the playdough in cling film to reuse for another day, so you can use it again on another day this holiday that's what we've done and we've had a few fun afternoons repeating such fun.

 These spiders will come in handy for a few years to come yet, and I will definately be using them again throughout the next few days, I hope you all like spiders?!
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  1. Glad Penny loved it :) looks like she had lots of fun! :) love the added spiders too! xxx

    1. Thanks, me too always love a spider me... NOT lol. Thanks again for sharing the recipe. xx

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