Review: The Gro Egg

The temperature of Penelopes room has always been rather scatty changing from cold to hot and it would be really tricky to keep it at a comfortable and safe middle ground temperature. After struggling with it through last winter and summer I was delighted when The Gro Company gave us the opportunity to try out their colour changing digital room thermometer, The Gro Egg.

Having your child rooms temperature within the recommended guidelines of The Gro Company which is between 16'C-20'C, this bracket insures that your baby/child is in a safe sleeping environment. Going by these recommended guidelines reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) its so scary that something as simple as the room temperature of a childs bedroom can have such a catastrophic outcome. The Gro Egg helps promote safe sleeping.

The Gro Egg glows in four different colour shades to indicate to you the temperature of the room at a quick glance. The shade blue tells you its too cold, yellow is the recommended temperature, orange is warm and red is too hot. I've found that for us the best Penelope is settled in is within the warm orange glow. Around 21.0'C she likes to be cosy and I feel that little bit of extra warmth she seems more content in. It's going to be great in the upcoming winter months when the temperature drops so I'll need to keep a very close eye that her room does not drop to low.

Did you know there are three ways to deal with temperatures outside the recommended guidelines being too cold or too hot? I found the leaflet that came with the Gro Eg so useful as its full of handy information. You can either: Cool or heat up the room, Adjust the childs clothing, or by adjusting the bedding.

It's so easy and gives you a direct indication of a temperature reading, I've put it in a location in Penelopes room in which all I have to do is peep through the door and I have the thermometer in view to check the reading, I don't wake her up when I enter the room and its dim enough so it doesn't make the room light up.

I find that having the digital colouring changing thermometer does make me a little more paranoid about the temperature of Penelopes room but I don't see that as a bad thing really, I suppose its better to be safe than sorry. If I happen to need to check it 5 times a night then so be it! Its actually quite a relief knowing I can now keep ontop of controlling Penelopes sleeping environment.

I cant wait to use this again in the future when we have more children, I think it's going to be great having it around with a newborn as they dont hold heat anywhere near as what Penelope can now, so it would be even more of a importance to make sure the baby is within the recommended guidelines.

You can even buy Gro Egg Shells which are great little  accessories to add to the top of your Gro Egg. I definitely want to buy one of these to add abit more fun to our Gro Egg. My favourite being the owl.

The Gro Egg retails for £21.99 and you can purchase your here. They have many other great products available for you too so definitely take a few minutes to check those out too.
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  1. I love that, would make it so much easier to know what temp is correct for them. Fab review

  2. I had one of these are a present when my twins were born. What a fab little gadget I couldn't fault it definitely one of the best presents we were given.

  3. what another fab Gro product. They really have found a need and this is another item I'd be keen to buy for my child. Angela from Daysinbed.

  4. I should get one of these, it looks great. The leaflet sounds very handy too. I love the fact that it changes colour based on the temperature x

  5. We loved our gro egg. It was so helpful and I actually loved the different covers you could pop on

  6. Our Gro Egg broke after 4 years and I really miss it, it is a great piece and a must for all new parents - great review x

  7. Wow, not heard of this but what a fab product! So easy to use and see what the temp is :) Fab product :)

    Gemma xx

  8. Something I would definitely purchase if we wouldn't have the angel care monitor.

  9. Thanks for a great review, I haven't really thought about purchasing this before but it sounds so easy to use and really helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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