Penelopes 14 Month Update!

Welcome back to another monthly update for Penelope; this month I've decided Penny has outgrown the label 'baby'. She now reflects more aspects of being a toddler. It's been a while since she was a baby I feel, although it pains to say it she's now growing into a little girl. This month I can only describe her as a real 'character'.

Penelope will come back with a reply to basically anything I say to her even if it does not make sense, it's answering me nonetheless. Being told 'no' 50 times a day does begin to wear you out though.

She opens the cupboard and gets herself out a bag of skips, holding them out for me to open.

Penelope adores music, she would happily bop along to absolutely anything musical.  She bops her little bottom, looks up at me to make sure i'm watching and smiles so proudly. I love watching her when she does not realise I am. She'll be standing up watching her nursery rhymes from my phone dancing along to 'head, shoulders, knees, and toes', doing all the actions pretty darn well. If she gets muddled she just waves her arms everywhere and pretends its fine. She always sings the words to 5 speckled frogs, 'yum yum'.

Vocabulary: Juice, Shoes, Ball, Book, 'Aww', Uh-Oh, Good Girl, Peppa, Get Down, Tada, and she will do her best at copying what I say. I asked her to say 'Flower' the other day and she tried so hard to say it, but bless it didnt sound anything like it.

Helping me to put her clothes on is another big hurdle this month. She will put her arms up, puts up her leg to take off her socks. Penny will bring me her coat and shoes to put them on her, abit awkward when we are not actually ready to go out yet. She looks so disappointed.

Reese taught Penelope about football this month, he started off just holding and running with her and making her kick the ball. Now she will toddle around kicking it herself, which she enjoys we cant wait to bring her to the park to play.

Playing with the dog like hes her best friend in the world, she is obsessed with Pippin. She will play with his toys to get his attention making him chase after her and she will chase him in return. Its so sweet to watch and I'll hear Penny giggling from behind the curtain. He has alot of patience with her and will take anything she does to him. I have to give him some credit here as sometimes she is far to rough. We are trying to teach her about being gentle. He's only tiny after all.

Penny had her one year injection this month, apparently she was meant to have three at her nurses appointment but the nurse asked if she could separate them due to another baby getting seriously ill ending up in hospital. I was more than happy in that case for the separation. We have to go back in a months time to get another two. Penelope was disgusted at the nurse for the jab and gave her the most evil dagger eyes you ever did see. We had a grumpy girl for the next few days, extra cuddly and fussy I mean.

Penelope is a size 4G in her first walkers, she is walking amazingly well. I would class her as an independent walker now. She is so good with her turning, stopping, can even walk a fair distance before getting tired. She has even started to run, this terrifies me as I feel shes going to fall face first into everything. So far no injuries but i can feel a bad one coming! I like to hold her hand alot so she can get used to the fact she must hold my hand at times. Only trouble is when in shops all she wants to do is pull everything off the shelf, sit on the floor and play with what she has collected. I have bought her some reins for when we are walking around busy areas and maybe soon some roads. I like the concept so she is safe, and there's not way someone can knock into her/grab her (being honest) and she cannot wonder off nor step into a road. She will be right next to me and safe! That's all I care about.

Penny now has 6 teeth, and I know there more coming as we've had alot of teething issues the last few days. We've had to use Calpol and Detinox teething gel. I've also been giving her cold fruit, frozen yogurt and tiny bits of ice to help with her sore gums. The other day was so sad, she clung to me like a baby monkey does its mummy refusing to let go. She looked very frightened and clung to me so hard her little fist was clenched so tightly onto my dressing gown. We just sat starring into eachother eyes, hugging tightly until the calpol kicked in and she was able to get some rest. I actually had tears welling up feeling so helpless for her.

Misses independent also takes my keys to the front door to unlock the door to go out. I stand there wondering sometimes if she could actually open it would she just walk out. Scary because i'm sure she would being so innocent and naive at just 14 months. Obviously she cant put the key in and turn the lock to open it anyway! haha.

She gets so sad when people leave the flat, when family visit or Reese heads off to work, she has such a sad face on her and even has a few teary moments. When her dad goes to work she'll wave and say 'gone' in a sad voice and with big pouty lips.

Naughtiness, I want to write a separate post for this topic because in honest I need some advice I think. We have a girl who has started to push her boundaries and has begun to recognize when we have said no but will laugh and run to do it anyway, 'No' is just a joke to her now. We need to start introducing light discipline but are not sure where to begin. Look out for a full blog post on this shortly. If you have any advice for us please leave us a comment below, id really appreciate it.

Some may say its far to early, but we are seeing signs of Penny becoming responsive to potty training. She likes to put her dirty nappies in the bin. She mostly will come to me when shes done a poo. A few times now when I have asked her 'have you done a poo?' she has answered 'yes' and will nod her head going to the place I change her bum. We are going to buy her a potty and just start to introduce it to her, not putting any pressure on her about it at all as the last thing I want to do is frighten her. We plan to keep it in the toilet and perhaps let her sit on it while we are  on the 'potty' ourselves. If she doesn't want to sit on it that's fine, but I want her to just start being familiar with it being there and I am hoping in further months to come it wont be so overwhelming for her when it comes to being put on it every few hours of the day.

I hope its just a phase but she has this habit/game in which she just throws herself. Whether it be from the sofa, when standing, sitting, or wherever she is. Its so dangerous and i hate it. She finds it hilarious, me not so much!

Penny has started to use her imaginative play skills. She will play with her cars on the floor, her tea party set and even slurps when 'drinking' the tea, and mixes the spoon in the cups. It's the cutest thing ever. I cant wait until shes making me my own afternoon teas.

Getting cleaned up after meals
Being told no
Being in the buggy
Pippin not sharing his toys

Peppa Pig
Minnie & Mickey Mouse
Rabbits 'Aww!!'
Nursery Rhymes
Her shoes

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  1. Love this! My 15 month old is called Penelope too! ❤️ Excellent name choice for adorable little girls :-) x


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