Frolicking In The Park

I have to just remember this moment to keep the memory of this afternoon alive for futures sake. We went over to the park for a walk as we normally do but today I feel like it really moved me, it made my mummy heart melt. I embraced the fun and we had the most amazing time together. We didn't do anything particularly special we sat under a tree ate jam sandwiches, picked daisies, played throw and catch with Penelopes toy bunny; this always makes me feel like shes a dog but she love this game so we play it anyway. 

The sun was beaming down on us and any sunny weather is to be treasured as its due to be over for Autumn any time soon. Penny ran around like she had never been able to run nor walk before with sheer delighted on her face as she frolicked around the grass. She picked me countless daisies passing them into my head, all of them falling to pieces and wilting away. 

This was one of my most treasured afternoons, more and more I come to realise its these little insignificant moments that capture my heart the most. 

Any specific moments that captured your heart strings? Please share them below I'd love to read them.
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  1. Aww what gorgeous pictures. I have so many happy/proud mummy moments x

    1. Thankyou, they would be even better if I had a snazzier camera instead of my stupid iphone camera, but maybe santa will be generous haha! Thankyou for your comment and treasure those mummy moments lovely xx


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