Family Trip To Gullivers Dino & Farm Park + Splash Zone

The Sunday just gone marked our first weekend in which our family day schedule began. Every other Sunday is dedicated to going out for a family filled day doing something fun together. This week we decided to go to Gullivers Land, but not the main theme park. We went to the Dino & Farm Park and we decided we'd upgrade our tickets to include the Splash Zone too. After what seemed like an eternity of grey rainy weather recently we got super lucky to have the day full of sunshine.

We didnt head out as early as I would of liked but getting Reese out from his sleeping pit is hard work and we ended up being ready to go at 11:30am. We arrived at the park and the two attractions we were going to were both neighboring eachother which was so handy with a little one not having to troll the whole of Gullivers Land to track them down. The carpark was just outside it too so we left our swimming gear in the car and headed to the Dino & Farm Park to begin with just incase the sun decided to disappear on us.
We decided to stop for some lunch first on entering the park and pulled up onto one of the picnic tables to eat our food. It was such a warm day! We explored the dino park first which was so cool, I was worried how Penny might react as lets be honest dinosaurs are not the friendliest looking creatures. Instead she would point to them and even sat on one pretending it was a slide with her dad. They had a ride there too called the The Tree Tops Viewing Tower. It went up fairly high in my opinion and gently span around giving you a great view of the dino park. Penny enjoyed it alot being very excited but clearly was fearless as had no reaction to the height. 

Next we decided to go to the Reptile and Bug Centre, full of creepy critters like Geckos, Turtles, Lizards, snakes, some far to large incy wincys. This was really fun for me, I secretly love the scary creatures, its more the thrill of them being so gross and dangerous. I always get abit itchy when I've left though; I get the 'Heebie Jeebies'.

We then went to have a play in the Bone Yard, which was a huge sand pit for children. It';p[-full of buckets, spades, and other sand toys. We rolled up Pennys trousers, the socks and shoes came off and in she went. Building sand castles and patting them so they were secure haha. Then destroying them of course. She even had a little taste and was completely grossed out she wanted a drink. She didn't go back for more.

After the sand pit fun we strapped her into the buggy and went to the Farm part of the park. At first i'll be honest me and Reese looked at eachother in horror as all we could see we some barns full of pretend animals. The thought of spending hours in there was horrifying as we thought perhaps there is not any real animals in this farm? Perhaps its like the dinosaurs; of course they were not real either. Thankgoodness after exploring the pretend animals barns we found the bird aviaries in which we had hope for some live animals. I don't think I could've managed a whole afternoon looking at model cows and sheep.

Hooray, there was infact so many animals to engage with. Penelopes favourites being the pigs, cows, and goats. Daddy and Penny even fed the goats themselves little miss was so brave putting her hands out. When it came to the pigs she was making piggy noises to resemble a pig. It was adorable, she wore herself out doing so. She stroked the little cows and of course we washed her dirty hands but she loved it. Penny really does love animals. 

We went on the tractor ride twice. Reese took her on first and she screamed when it was over so I took her on again to get one last thrill ride. She still cried after the second time so we decided to beg it from the ride before all hell broke loose.

The whole Dino & Farm Park was so enjoyable I definitely want to visit again. It was so quiet, I suppose from the school holidays ending but it was so relaxing poodling around without having crowds of people flooding everywhere you go. It made it much more enjoyable and made me feel like we were able to make the most out of our trip. It was so green too, I just want to express that point it may sound silly but it was so scenic and beautiful. The little river that went through the farm, the large vegetable patches, and the animals enclosures were very well resembled to the wild with long grass, flowers, full of hay and rocks. It was really pretty. I loved how they had a huge area full for the rabbits to roam from their hutch onto the green grass. 

After the farm Penny was still up and awake infact she had been awake throughout the whole time were there. Too nosey about what was around her to be going to sleep of course. Seeing as she was still raring to go we went to upgrade our tickets in the Splash Zone.

The splash zone is great especially if your looking for something fun to do if the weather turns out rubbish. It's an indoor water play factory. We popped Penny into her swimming gear and Reese put our things on a table and I went round with Penny getting absolutely soaked as I did so. Really I should have brought swim wear, a lesson for next time. It was great fun though, Penny was by far the smallest participator. All the other kids were alot bigger than her and didnt have their parents with them. Note: they have staff in with the children supervising at all times. But with my little dot being so small there's not a chance I would have left her to her own devices. It was not overly busy as you get a 2 hour slot so its never over crowded so thankfully she wasn't overrun by them. Infact a few little girls came to coo over her and wanted to play with her. SO sweet. 

They had a tots area with splash pools, sea saws, wendy houses, slides and lots more fun. We braved it through the big kids splash zone through all the sprinklers and what knot (much to my delight). Soaked and wet we made it to the other end and Penny found a tap and a little yellow ring which she played with for absolutely ages. I also supported her as she went down some of the bigger slides and into shooting paths of water. She loved it but was happy to go in the end as she was completely exhausted from the whole day. 

We had a brilliant day and would recommend it to anyone with a 1 year old as Penny had so much to do and it felt she was just as involved in the facilities as much as any other child there, we even got a delightful lay-in the next morning. 

In total the day cost us just £18 for all of us. I think that's a complete bargin for the experience we had. We bought our own picnic too so we didnt spend a fortune on food. 

*I was not paid to write this review nor did I get gifted the tickets to attend Gullivers Land. We purchased out entries from our own pockets.

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  1. This looks really cool - Jasmine would love it. Penny certainly look like she enjoyed herself.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. It was a really good day out, and felt even better it not costing an arm and a leg. Jasmine would definitely love it everything you would want to do with a toddler, it was there. Thankyou for your comment lovely. xx


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