Miscarriage Update: This Pain Never Leaves You

Since my latest miscarriage in March, I've wanted to just share some ongoing thoughts that have been going through my mind lately as sometimes I worry whether how I feel is what I should be feeling or am I being totally ridiculous not being able to deal with it by now.
Its around 6 months since the loss of baby Pickle. I don't quite know how to word what I want to say because its so difficult to express the frustration I feel inside me, just bare with me here. Its not got any easier the grief, it messes with my heart, brain, and my feelings constantly.


Review: The Gro Egg

The temperature of Penelopes room has always been rather scatty changing from cold to hot and it would be really tricky to keep it at a comfortable and safe middle ground temperature. After struggling with it through last winter and summer I was delighted when The Gro Company gave us the opportunity to try out their colour changing digital room thermometer, The Gro Egg.


Penelopes 14 Month Update!

Welcome back to another monthly update for Penelope; this month I've decided Penny has outgrown the label 'baby'. She now reflects more aspects of being a toddler. It's been a while since she was a baby I feel, although it pains to say it she's now growing into a little girl. This month I can only describe her as a real 'character'.


Frolicking In The Park

I have to just remember this moment to keep the memory of this afternoon alive for futures sake. We went over to the park for a walk as we normally do but today I feel like it really moved me, it made my mummy heart melt. I embraced the fun and we had the most amazing time together. We didn't do anything particularly special we sat under a tree ate jam sandwiches, picked daisies, played throw and catch with Penelopes toy bunny; this always makes me feel like shes a dog but she love this game so we play it anyway. 

The sun was beaming down on us and any sunny weather is to be treasured as its due to be over for Autumn any time soon. Penny ran around like she had never been able to run nor walk before with sheer delighted on her face as she frolicked around the grass. She picked me countless daisies passing them into my head, all of them falling to pieces and wilting away. 

This was one of my most treasured afternoons, more and more I come to realise its these little insignificant moments that capture my heart the most. 


Family Trip To Gullivers Dino & Farm Park + Splash Zone

The Sunday just gone marked our first weekend in which our family day schedule began. Every other Sunday is dedicated to going out for a family filled day doing something fun together. This week we decided to go to Gullivers Land, but not the main theme park. We went to the Dino & Farm Park and we decided we'd upgrade our tickets to include the Splash Zone too. After what seemed like an eternity of grey rainy weather recently we got super lucky to have the day full of sunshine.

We didnt head out as early as I would of liked but getting Reese out from his sleeping pit is hard work and we ended up being ready to go at 11:30am. We arrived at the park and the two attractions we were going to were both neighboring eachother which was so handy with a little one not having to troll the whole of Gullivers Land to track them down. The carpark was just outside it too so we left our swimming gear in the car and headed to the Dino & Farm Park to begin with just incase the sun decided to disappear on us.


Techniques To Distract A One Year Old

Lets face it there are 1,000 times in a day in which we need to distract our young children whether it be to avoid fidgeting when changing nappies, to stop them from going or touching something out of bounds. It's without a doubt one of my most used parenting tactics day to day. Using distractions not only takes their attention off of forbidden things and keeps them still enough to put their nappy on properly without it riding up their butt crack, infact it benefits both parent and child so all remains in control. If say your kid is making a run for the back door and they are not a door exiting pro then you need to think fast and stop them in their tracks before they fall. I'm going to share a few of the distractions that work on Penelope and maybe you could try out a few too...